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It is well-known that the capital of Hungary is famous for its baths. Gellért Bath was recently chosen amongst the most beautiful art deco baths in the world by BBC News Designed. Budapest’s very own Gellért Bath opened exactly 100 years ago in 1918, and in order to celebrate this big anniversary, collected some interesting facts about the bath.

A special exhibition can be visited

Very special photos of the 100-year-old bath can be seen at Milán Radisics’s exhibition titled A 100 Éves Gellért Fürdő Vízből Levegőből [The 100-year-old Gellért bath from water from air]. The exhibition can be visited since World Water Day, 22 March until 22 April. Visitors are welcome to look at the photos from 6 am to 20 pm within the bath’s building.


A bath before a bath

Way before today’s Gellért Bath existed, another hospital and medical bath stood in its place that was founded by Andrew II of Hungary in the 13th century. Even the Turkish enjoyed the predecessor of Gellért Bath centuries later. This medical bath was demolished during the construction of the Liberty Bridge.

Built by Russian prisoners

The building of today’s Hotel Gellért and Bath was built between 1912-1918 in the art nouveau style. Most of the workers were Russian prisoners of war.

Gellért Bath in 1926
Photo: Fortepan

Gellért Szálló (Hotel Gellért) was Hungary’s first luxury hotel. Each room had a telephone in it, which was a pretty big deal at the time. Gellért Bath was also one of the most modern medical baths in Europe at that time.

Gellért hotel budapest
Hotel Gellért in 1966
Photo: Fortepan

Zsolnay’s presence

Bits and pieces from the world-famous Zsolnay Porcelain factory can be seen at the bath. The building is decorated with many Zsolnay ceramics. The walls of the thermal bath are all decorated with colourful ceramics, contributing to the breath-taking aesthetics of the whole bath.

Budapest bath visit tourism


Do not be fooled by the bath’s baroque style domes, the building was built in the art nouveau style, and was selected as one of the most beautiful art nouveau buildings in the world. The main entrance is surrounded by sculptures which represent the process of healing.

bath budapest Gellért water
The bath’s entrance in 1960
Photo: Fortepan

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