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Big brothers can be overprotective, but this is next level. A young Hungarian man had a particularly hard time adjusting to the fact that his 13-year-old sister had an admirer. He tried to attack his sister’s underage suitor one night with a chainsaw.

The incident happened in March 2020 in a small village near Pápa, Hungary, reports. The young man was angry at one of the underage boys in the village because he supposedly showed interest in the man’s 13-year-old sister. One night, the situation got out of control.

After a night of drinking, the man decided to do something about his sister’s crush. He grabbed a chainsaw, then went straight to the house where the underage boy who had a crush on his sister lived.

The time was way past midnight, and for some reason, the gate was open, granting him easy access to the yard. He turned the chainsaw on and tried using it to get into the house through the front door. He damaged the door by cutting into it twice; meanwhile, he was shouting threats into the air.

“You dogs will all die!” he screamed.

A family of three were sleeping inside the house.

The family obviously woke up to all the screaming and shouting. When they realised what was happening, they refused to open the door. They were all scared of getting hurt.

Since the man could not get in using the chainsaw, he put it down and broke the door. Luckily, the people inside the house were able to pin him down. The man was later picked up by his mother, who lives in the neighbourhood, and she took her son back home.

The 19-year-old man has been charged with invasion of privacy. The prosecutor has requested a suspended prison sentence.

Rendőrségi letartóztatás Police arrest
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