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In a recent interview, beloved Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin talked about life in quarantine and how her American boyfriend loves Hungarian dishes and had great fun at a traditional Hungarian pig slaughter.

Nemzeti Sport conducted an interview with the gorgeous model. Among others, she mentions how she took her boyfriend to a traditional Hungarian pig slaughter, and how much Dylan Sprouse enjoys her cooking of Hungarian dishes.

It turns out that her boyfriend Dylan loves Hungarian cuisine. Barbara often cooks Hungarian dishes for him in the U.S., and he eats just about anything, including the traditional chicken paprikash or a good grease spread on bread. Barbara mentioned that just recently she took Dylan to his first traditional pig slaughter, and he had a wonderful time. Who would have thought?

If you would give Hungarian cuisine a try, give these popular recipes a try:

The model also said that what she misses the most from Hungary are her friends and family. She maintains close contact with them and tries to talk to them every day. Even though the couple intends to live in the U.S. for the foreseeable future, Barbi visits Hungary at every chance she gets.

She has always found it important that people know where she comes from, and those familiar with her work know about her Hungarian roots.

Hosting the MTV European Music Awards ceremony in Budapest was a challenge for her, as she has never done a project like it before. She was honoured and had a great time doing it. However, she will not switch modelling to television anytime soon. She plans to continue working as a model for the upcoming years and travel a lot more.

She did her best to adjust to the global epidemic. She spent months isolated from her parents and friends. She spent most of the quarantine with Dylan in New York; then they flew to Los Angeles. They only left home to run necessary errands. Work stopped entirely, which was weird. She could not travel, but she needed to be ready to go at any time in case they needed her.

She hopes 2021 will be a much easier year for everyone. Nowadays, she just tries to focus on the present and spend as much time with her loved ones as she can.


  1. Watching helpless animals being slaughtered is not what I would consider ‘fun’.

  2. I agree with the first comment. There is nothing funny in the suffering of a living being.

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