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A BMW speeding at 150 km/h crashed into a Hungarian family’s car at a toll gate on the Croatian highway on Thursday. The Hungarian family of three was rushed to the hospital, sustaining severe injuries.

Hungarian news portal writes that on Thursday afternoon a BMW crashed into a Hungarian car at a toll gate on the Croatian highway. The family was parked according to regulations when the driver of the BMW ran into them.

Someone caught the speeding BMW on camera:

Vožnja autocestom prije teške nesreće

Közzétette: – 2019. július 12., péntek

The 35-year-old driver of the BMW with Croatian license plates was speeding at 150 km/h with the cruise control on, according to Jutarnji list, and was on the phone at the moment of the impact. The Croatian 24sata writes that according to witnesses, the man was not harmed in the car accident, but when he got out of the car, he kept repeating ‘Oh my God, what did I do?’

However, other witnesses claim that he was still on the phone after he got out of the car with a woman, shouting ‘kurva, kurva!’.

Due to the crash, the family’s car was jolted against the concrete roadblock, then to the kiosk at the toll gate, after which it spun around its axis, crashed into another kiosk and finally into another parked car (with Hungarian license plates as well).

There was a family of three in the car into which the BMW has crashed: two parents and an eight-year-old boy. Both the father and the son are Hungarian citizens.

It took 20 minutes for the firemen to get the family out of the wreck: first, they had to lift the parents out of the car, they could only get to the child this way. Since the car was jammed between the gates, the firemen had to work in a very narrow area, which made the rescue more difficult.

Danas poslijepodne je na NP Sv. Helena automobil punom brzinom naletio na dva vozila koja su čekala plaćanje cestarine….

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All three members of the family were unconscious, although the boy regained consciousness several times, repeating ‘it hurts, it hurts’.

The boy was lifted out of the wreck by Dragutin Koščec, a 62-year-old fireman. He noticed that the boy knew a little Croatian, so he told him the following: ‘hold my hand and believe me that everything will be alright. We will make it. Do not worry, we will save your father and your mother. Just hold on.’ Koščec believes that the boy understood him as he appeared to have calmed down.

Another fireman, Ivan Zelina, told the Croatian news that this was the toughest rescue that he has been part of in the past decade.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all three injured are stable.

The father and the son are being treated on intensive care, while the mother was rushed to a different hospital. She sustained severe head and chest injuries, but there was no need for an operation.

Croatian news claimed that the family is in an artificially induced coma, but the Hungarian news channel M1 reported that they are conscious.

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