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Police patrolling in hussar uniforms at Buda Castle – PHOTOS

The mounted policemen can be spotted patrolling now in Budapest :)

The 15th Maccabi European Games start tomorrow in Budapest

The 15th Maccabi European Games will see a record number of competitors from 40 countries

CNN’s recommendation for the summer: Debrecen

CNN recommends Debrecen for those who wish to get away from huge crowds while travelling

The most beautiful towns in the Danube bend

Which is your favourite city or town along the Danube? #hungary #hungarian #danube #travel

The first Hungarian just climbed the world’s toughest mountain without an Oxygen tank

Congratulations to Szilárd Suhajda, who is also the first Hungarian to climb K2! #hungary #hungarian #himalayas

WOW: a Hungarian girl held one of America’s Got Talent jury’s in the air with her TEETH – VIDEO

The Hungarian aerialist shocked both the jury and the audience with her talent

Lord Bauer – Thatcher’s Hungarian friend who stood up for Africa

Lord Bauer argued that development lies in the individual, not in state control

Six bodies found in the Danube – none of them victims of the Hableány tragedy

The police are still looking for the remains of one passenger

How much do you know about famous Hungarian buildings? – QUIZ

Which is your favourite Hungarian building?

Hungarian mobile data one of the fastest in the world!

Hungary is in the top 10 European countries with the fastest mobile internet

Budapest, the city of sin

Crime rates are way above the Hungarian average in Budapest

8 unique Hungarian products that the world loves

How many of these have you heard of? #hungary #hungarikum

Hungary is the 4th cheapest EU member

Previously, Hungary was 3rd

Radio and sounds recordings from Viking Sigyn from the moment of the accident

The accident’s timeline was reconstructed with the help of radio and sound recordings!

A 50-day pilgrimage from Budapest to Versailles against the Treaty of Trianon

The pilgrims walk for 50 days to raise awareness of the injustice Hungary suffered because of the Treaty of Trianon

Hungary, Germany’s biggest arms customer with a 1.7-billion-euro purchase

Hungary is sparing no expenses in order to improve its military equipment by 2026

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is set to support a Hungarian research

Mark Zuckerberg's foundation and a group of Hungarian scientists could revolutionise cellular biology Congratulations! #hungary #hungarian #science #biology

Apartment prices have grown the most in Hungary across the EU

Apartment prices are getting lower in the EU, still, the biggest increase is in Hungary

A BMW crashed at 150 km/h into a Hungarian family of three – VIDEO

The driver of the BMW was on the phone at the moment of the crash and was still on the phone when he got out of his car, unharmed

Blacked out passenger dragged across the metro like a sack of potato in Budapest – VIDEO

The man was later transported to a hospital #hungary #hungarian #shocking #metro #budapest