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Two security guards were seen dragging an unconscious man on the floor out of the metro at Deák Ferenc Square metro station.

444 reports that according to one of their readers, an unconscious man was dragged out of the metro unit by security guards like he was a sack of potato.

The unidentified reader was commuting on metro M3 on Tuesday afternoon when another passenger has passed out. The reader did not know the reasons why the man lost consciousness, though he thought that it was on account of the hot temperatures on the metro, or the man was simply too drunk.

However, the story gets interesting and shocking once two security guards show up: the guards dragged out the unconscious man on the unit floor.

The reader, as 444 accounts, caught a glimpse of the man eventually sitting up, as the metro continued its journey to Nagyvárad Square.

Someone filmed the incident and uploaded it to YouTube.

444 has contacted BKV (the Budapest Transit Company), who seemingly concluded upon watching the video that nothing out of the ordinary has happened:

‘Today afternoon, at 14:55, security guards have removed an unconscious man from the 6046 wagon of the E5 metro serving the M3 line at Deák square. Later the man was seen by the personnel on call, and then an ambulance transported him to the nearest hospital’ – reads the reply.

As it later turned out, the man was drunk.

featured image: Jeti Válasz / YouTube

Source: 444.hu

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