Beaver bite in Budapest: a beaver attacked a woman in the Danube

A dog or cat biting a human is normal, but a beaver?

VIDEO: Shocking footage of truck driving against traffic on Hungarian motorway

If there's one video you watch, it should be this one: 10-12 minutes of driving against traffic, watch here:

You’ve never heard of ice cream like this: after cheese and cream lángos, another Hungarian ice cream to be tasted

Ever heard of flame ice cream? It's a strange idea, but it's popular on the shores of Lake Balaton, where this year, we can taste a new Hungarian flavour:

VIDEO: Huge rocket passed through the centre of Budapest

What could this rocket be? What could it be: a missile, a construction element, or some other military device?

UFO over Budapest? – Mystical blue light appeared on the sky

UFO appeared over Budapest yesterday? People thought the mystical blue light on the sky is something extraterrestrial #ufo #bluelight #budapest #photogallery

VIDEO: Hungarian Wizz Air’s stewardess spotted a purple UFO following their plane

The 36-year-old flight attendant spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO), or unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) - here is the video. #WizzAir #UFO #UAP #London #Poland #England

VIDEO: huge trail of sparks on the motorway, or how not to drive on gleaming rims

Welcome to the Hungarian motorway 😃

UFO reports in Hungary are no longer a secret!

UFO reports are no longer kept in secret in Hungary and there are lots of them in the archives: we will present you some. #Hungary #Hungarian #UFO #secret #report #document #series #dailynewhsungary

More than 20 guns and pistols were seized from the Albanian driver, but what did he want with them?

Arms dealer or Rambo?

German princess saves Hungarian man’s life in Tápióbicske

She was walking her dogs nearby when he saw the man with his face into the water and motionless. She did not hesitate - check out some photos. #Hungary #Hungarian #Germany #aristocrat #dailynewshungary #dogs #animal #princess

An explosion has shaken a Hungarian county

Some residents were so frightened that they fled their homes in panic..  #Hungary #Dailynewshungary #explosion #Hungarian #county

VIDEO: 36 car windows smashed by three teenagers in downtown Budapest

Strange and very expensive entertainment for these young people...

Weird Hungarian traditions

What Hungarian tradition do you find weird? #Dailynewshungary #Hungary #traditions

PHOTOS: Who is this mysterious courier in Budapest?

On a regular day, a mysterious courier appeared on the streets of Budapest, but his motives are still unexplained.

Wizz Air pilot drew a penis on the radar image

See the picture in the article. #DailyNewsHungary #WizzAir

English groom claims he was abducted from his bachelor party in Budapest by aliens

For fifteen hours, no one knew where the groom was, who came to #Budapest with seven friends for a three-day #bachelor party. #hungary #dailynewshungary #aliens #ufo

VIDEOS: drunk couple had sex, that’s why 16 flats in Budapest caught fire

When the air boils during the all-consuming lovemaking... - VIDEO

78-year-old mayor married an 18-year-old mother in Kunhegyes!

András Szabó, the village's mayor, married an 18-year-old mother last Saturday. #Hungary #Hungarian #wedding #sensation #marriage #dailynewshungary #Kunhegyes #event #famil

Albanian bakery war: German, Kosovo citizens sentenced to prison for attempted robbery

8-year and 9.5-year sentence for a violent attack and an armed robbery attempt against an Albanian bakery

Scandal! Can you imagine what these Hungarian McDonald’s workers did? – VIDEO

The unbelievable incident was recorded on camera. #Hungary #McDonald's #food #fastfood #scandal #dailynewshungary