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Paletta Siófok

Dániel Bezerics always has some new ideas for the Paletta. This year there are four buffets at Lake Balaton where you can order from the Paletta menu, and they are all on the South side of the lake, reports

Bezerics had a Paletta buffet in Boglár, and now he opened two more, one in Siófok near the campground, the other on the dog-friendly beach in Fonyód. He is also opening a huge rooftop restaurant in Zamárdi called Parti Bisztró – Paletta Konyha Zamárdi, where the menu and the ingredients would come from the Paletta. He says that it is the small, mobile buffets that mean the future, which are built on a small patch of land. 

There are many new things in these four buffets, like the kind of pancakes you can only buy on the free beach of Zamárdi, in the Parti Bisztró. According to their promise, this Hungarian pancake will always be made fresh; there will be one person whose only job will be to fry pancakes all day. 


These will never be microwaved, always made with fresh milk, a bit of oil, where the dough will be soft and thick.  They are serving them with fresh apricot jam, that is kept on the stove all day, keeping it warm. This is an authentic, delicious beach food. The pancake costs 400 Ft (1.21 euros), which is a good price around the lake. 

The other interesting beach food that he reinvented is the lángos. Bezerics calls it the DOP lángos, after the Italian Denominazione di Origine Protetta, which indicates that this is a truly regional dish. 

This dish is kind of a cross between lángos and pizza. The dough is not that different from the original lángos dough, but they cook it in the oven, like a pizza. On the other hand, they put the toppings on after taking it out, like with a lángos. 


You can order it with different toppings, from the original cheese and sour cream topping to more unique toppings like Mangalica bacon, Hungarian lecsó (which is close to the French ratatouille), or different fishes from Lake Balaton (catfish, pike perch, carp).

The lángos with cheese and sour cream costs 450 Ft (1.36 euros), the one with ratatouille is 500 Ft (1.51 euros), the one with fish topping is 750 Ft (2.27 euros).

Another interesting and unique dish you can only try at the Balaton is the stick&chips. It is similar to the fish&chips, only this one is not only served with breaded fish but also zucchini, chicken and cheese with some awesome fried potatoes and two kinds of dipping sauce. You can get this at the beaches in Zamárdi, Siófok and Fonyód for 2250 Ft (6.80).


Featured image: Siófok


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