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KerekMese, Hungarian Youtube channel’s creators

We could not say that YouTubers are running out of ideas. Since YouTube’s almost-15-years existence, a lot of types of contents were made on the biggest video sharing portal, from music to gameplays, prank videos and films criticisms. The repertoire is literally infinite. What kind of videos does the young married couple upload on YouTube that makes them the most-watched Hungarian YT channel? revealed the latest statistics on Hungarian YouTube channels, now we do know, which ones have the most views and which ones own the most subscribers. Now, in this article, the YouTube channel with the most views are presented: KerekMese (‘Round Tales’).

We saw that children’s tales are very popular abroad (YouTube channels), even though they mostly seem too easy to make.

said Mónika, László’s wife. KerekMese is a YouTube channel that creates animated entertaining videos for children: tales, poems, short stories and kid songs. The channel has 20 million views in a month. The loving couple’s YouTube channel has 0.5 million subscribers and 760 million views total, leading the Hungarian YouTube rank list by far. Their inspiration came from English children’s songs and their goal was to make tale videos in Hungarians, for children.


We can say that the couple was kind of familiar with animated tales before their YouTube family business started. Mónika, the wife, worked as a freelance cartoon illustrator, László, her husband, worked as a sound engineer and as an IT assistant. However, László was fired from his workplace in 2012. After his dismissal, the married couple, who already had a baby at that time, started the tale channel on their own. They were afraid of their success at the beginning, but throughout the years they gained more and more viewers, to their surprise, too. They even surpassed the big names in Hungarian YouTube: Videománia, Pamkutya, TheVR, Hollywood Hírügynökség. So the list has changed a lot since 2017.


legend; orange: number of views, blue: number of subscribers

Hungarian Youtube chanels top watch statistics
Hungarian Youtube channels’ top watch statistics, source:

It is true that Hungarian YouTube is ruled by children’s songs and tales: the first and the third most viewed YouTube channels are both from this category.

The second most viewed channel is Magneoton, music video channel, the third is Kedd, which also makes a tale and kid’s song content. 4th ZGSTUDIO Official 1 is again a music video channel on the video portal, Videománia (fifth) is run by Péter Dancsó YouTube figure, who makes funny film and reality show criticisms and life-parodies. The list goes on with music makers, a music video parody channel (Pamkutya) and TheVR, Virtual Reality news magazine and Gameplay channel. Among the TOP 10 Hungarian YouTube channels Videománia is the only one owning more than 1 million subscribers, but KerekMese is by far the leader in video clicks.

“If you’re happy and you know it…” song in Hungarian, created by the Hungarian couple 🙂



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