Femina.hu reports that Hungarians under the age of 30 spend 2 hours on YouTube on average day-by-day. The recently conducted survey by SAKKOM Interactive  Representative Influencer and Gemius revealed that 96% of those between 10-29 watch YouTube videos, and based on what they say, most of them spend 2 hours on average on the website.

The group that spends the most time on the video-sharing website consists of those between 10-15, among whom 22% devote more than 4 hours to watch online broadcasts. The youngsters are so under the influence of the videos that every 3rd youngster has already bought a product or tried out something because of the videos seen.

Almost all Hungarian youngsters watch YouTube videos, and they have a shocking 118 minutes for this activity every day. Those between 10-29 prefer the funny contents, the gamer videos and the vlogs. Furthermore, the movies about do-it-yourself, lifestyle, beauty, fashion and home design are also among the most consumed ones.

As far as the sex of the users is concerned, it is unsurprising that there are significant differences.

Men usually choose from a less extended palette and mostly prefer the gamer videos or the scientifically informative broadcasts, while women prefer beauty, lifestyle, and home design videos and they are the most dedicated followers of the vlogs, too.

The preference for certain contents is very much influenced by age and the changing circumstances of living. Youngsters between 19-23 are more open to the cooking videos and the channels of the big brands, says Andrea Kozarek, the director of SAKKOM Interactive.


Based on this, 4 dominant groups are palpable:

  • the shy and reserved video watchers
  • the online TV watchers
  • the active fans of the vloggers
  • the occasional visitors

It was also brought to light that the channels of TheVR, Gergely Szirmai and Péter Dancsó are the most popular Hungarian ones among the members of the 10-29 age group. Let’s see who they are:

The VR

It is the largest gamer community of Hungary. Founded in October 2013, the themes of TheVR have continuously been changed. Initially, they concentrated on virtual reality (VR) games, then indie games and by now, they cover the whole gamer world. At present, they have more than 1,000 videos on their channel and more than 500,000 people follow them. It is Hungary’s 3rd largest channel as far as the number of subscribers are concerned, with around 9 million clicks per month.

Gergely Szirmai

The Hungarian videoblogger became famous with the Hollywood News Agency series. He makes film critics every week about the newly released movies. He discusses firstly the moral contents and interprets “the meaning” of the productions, then talks about the important elements of the films. Furthermore, there is a series, called Comment Tuesday (“Komment Kedd”), where he also answers the questions posed by his viewers.

Péter Dancsó

He became famous as an amateur film critic by criticising and parodying Hungarian feature films. He also makes time-lapse videos, video-clips and short films. He usually caricatures advertisements, producers, reality shows and video bloggers. In 2017, the number of his subscribers reached the magical 600,000 and the majority of his followers are between 18-24.

Going back to the study, it also pointed out that 83% of those between 10-29 follow influencers not only on YouTube, but on Facebook and on Instagram as well. Furthermore, 3 out of 4 people believe that influencers have a great impact on them and they highly value them.

1/3 of the youngsters remember an occasion when they only bought a product because the person, whose opinion they consider important, used it in a Facebook or Instagram post, reports Andrea Kozarek.

The Top 10 of the favourite and the most influential Hungarian YouTubers among the youngsters (10-29 years)

1. TheVR
2. Gergely Szirmai
3. Péter Dancsó
4. Nessaj
5. PamKutya
6. Csaba Magyarósi
7. Fruzsi Viszkok
9. Zsozeatya
10. Barni

Photos: pixabay.com

Source: femina.hu; wikipedia.org

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