16th century castle owned by Count Tibor Kálnoky will be renovated, travelo.hu reports.

Most recently, Prince Charles spent a couple of days in Transylvania in 2013 May. He also spent two nights in 2009 in the castle of Tibor Kálnoky. According to the news he always visits the Count because they are distant relatives. The building is now being renovated, travelo.hu says.

The British royal family has Transylvanian ancestors: Klaudia Rhédey, great-great-grandmother of Queen Elisabeth II was born in Erdőszentgyörgy, Transylvania According to MTI, Princes Charles is visiting Transylvania for 15 years because he likes the people and the landscape. He also owns 4 properties there.

According to travelo.hu, Prince Harry himself visited Transylvania too, with one of his friends. The guest house got good feedbacks from Triadvisor 4.5 points of 5. The prices depend on the services, Hungarian and Romanian citizens can get discount. 

based on the article of travelo.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: www.erdon.ro

Source: http://travelo.hu/

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