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Additional thieves caught at Budapest Airport

Additional thieves caught at Budapest Airport

A white gold ring was taken from the hold baggage of a passenger in January at Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Five days later, a watch and a vial of perfume were stolen from another traveller’s luggage, as announced. The authorities have found even more stolen goods during their search.

According to NLCafe, Budapest Airport Ltd. reacted to the rumours about the luggage thefts in a Facebook post recently. They have stated that the delivery of luggage is in fact not their responsibility. “Check-ins and luggage records are executed by ground service companies under contract with the airlines. Budapest Airport Ltd. only provides infrastructure for these activities — in this case, the luggage carrier system and the software related to it.

Our Company’s employees do not contact the passengers’ luggage directly, except if a security issue arises in relation to a certain piece of luggage; for example, if it contains a forbidden object so it needs to be opened, which can only be executed under the surveillance of the Airport Police, recorded by a closed camera system.”

They advise their passengers who have lost anything from their luggage to contact their airline instead of Budapest Airport Ltd.


“If anything was stolen from your luggage, please report the case to the Airport Police Management as well and give information about the missing objects, the details of your travel and anything else related to the case.” The whole post can be read here.

They also noted that the annual number of reported luggage thefts decreased from 92 to 53 since 2016. Out of 3 million registered baggage recorded in the luggage system, only 0.002 percent were affected by theft in 2017. This also means a great improvement in security.

The inspectors of the Airport Police checked investigated the boarding data of the flights related to the thefts and they have caught the two accused.

They carried out a thorough search, and they have found several additional objects stolen from the airport earlier in possession of the two men. The accused men were arrested and investigated with reasonable grounds to suspect they were behind the recent thefts.

The police announced that their patrols — either in uniform or civilian clothing — try to prevent any further crimes with their demonstrative presence, as well as with frequent checks.

Photo: MTI

Source: NLCafe

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