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President Áder congratulates Vucic on election victory – UPDATE

President Áder congratulates Vucic on election victory – UPDATE

Budapest (MTI) – János Áder, Hungary’s president, has congratulated Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on his victory in Sunday’s presidential election.

In a letter sent to Vucic, he said that over the past few years the two countries had managed to deepen their cooperation.

Áder pointed out that the Hungarian minority in Serbia’s Vojvodina province and the Serbian minority in Hungary constitute important links between the two nations and play a significant role in bilateral cooperation.

Áder said he would continue to make every effort to promote historical reconciliation between the two nations.


Hungary will continue to resolutely support Serbia’s European integration, Áder said.


Orbán said in a letter that Vucic had secured a “confident victory” and he expressed hope that the strategic relationship between the two countries, which had delivered major results, would develop at the same pace it did in the past few years.

“Under your leadership, Serbia has played a determining role in creating regional stability and the country has also made significant strides towards securing membership of the European Union,” Orbán wrote in the letter, adding that Hungary continued to offer political and professional support to Serbia on a continuous basis. Orbán wished Vucic great success in his new post.

Source: MTI

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