Due to the recent news the Municipality of Budapest wishes to clarify the difference between companies providing taxi services and companies, which are actually providing driver services exclusively for an enterprise, like a hotel or other ventures.

The regulation on taxi services, as of 1 September 2013, defines point by point the price, as well as the outside-inside parameters of taxi servicing.

To sum up the essentials: since September 1st, all taxi service providers in Budapest may provide services for a fixed rate (450/280/70 HUF), and they are obliged to indicate information on it, making it visible. By September 1st, 2014, the reissue of licenses will require additional changes to be implemented, like repainting the cars to yellow colour; installing POS terminals for payment; additionally smoking will not be allowed in the cars, which however will have to be equipped with operable air conditioning and winter tires when necessary; and the document also regulates the maximum level of carbon dioxide emission of the vehicles.

The special driver services transporting the guest of hotels shall continue to operate with black cars, however in this case, those cars cannot work as a taxi any more, the regulation on taxi services will not concern them, with that they cannot be hailed, and cannot pick up passenger from a taxi station.

Source: http://BKK.hu/

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