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At least this is what a non-representative online survey conducted by Follow Me Influencer Marketing Agency and ArvaliCom found. The importance of influencers equals the importance of family in the 14 to 18 age group, and for now, most of them follow their favourites on Youtube and Instagram, but the popularity of the TikTok video app increases very swiftly.

Informative, entertaining content

Interestingly, the number of those who follow their favourite influencers on “traditional” social media channels like Facebook, Twitch or SnapChat is decreasing – Origo reported

According to the survey, most teenagers asked in the survey follow

3 to even 10 Hungarian or foreign influencers. 

Furthermore, they spend 30 to 90 minutes doing so, and 90 pc of them accepts it if their favourite influencer advertises something. However, 60 pc of them could not remember any products or services they saw on the page of their role model in the last 30 days. Those who were able to mention examples said Pepsi and Foreo.

To the question of what attributes a successful influencer should have, 74 pc said that they should create entertaining and informative content. 50 pc mentioned that being able to identify themselves with them is also important. Interestingly, an

attractive appearance is only important for 40 pc, 

and nobody follows an influencer out of boredom.

Hungarian influencers dominate the market

Popular celebrities are not dominating since 60 pc of the survey fillers follow lesser known influencers as well. Among their favourites, the first place belongs to Fruzsi Viszkok (Youtube rank 26; Instagram rank 17, based on her follower count). The second place went to Hédi Szabó (Youtube: 137; Instagram: 100) while the third to Péter Dancsó who has more than 1 million Youtube followers.

52 pc said that

there are already too many advertisements

on the pages of their favourite influencers, but only a small minority (15 pc) would unfollow anybody because of this. Making boring content is a much greater danger; 70 pc of the teenagers answering the survey would unsubscribe because of that.

From a business point of view, it is essential that

24 pc check the opinion of their influencer before buying a product or a service.

56 pc of teenagers answering the questions said that they follow only Hungarian influencers, 17 pc of them follow mainly foreign ones while the rest equally follow Hungarian and international influencers. Moreover, 40 pc of them would like to become an influencer.

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