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Having hundreds of thousands of followers and thus, being an influencer in the social media attracts advertising companies. However, it raises questions when a Hungarian musician has hundreds of thousands of fans from remote countries like Indonesia, India or Egypt and only tens of thousands from Hungary. And what’s up with Robert Pattinson’s Hungarian fan page that has more than 1 million followers from which only 16 thousand are Hungarians?

Lower advertising prices

Balázs Havasi is a very famous pianist who performs regularly in the USA, Germany or Great-Britain. His company, the Symphonic Concert Management Ltd had a more than 1 billion HUF income last year and millions watch regularly his performances on his Youtube channel. Here you can watch one of his most popular ones:

He has 1.2 million followers on Facebook which makes him the owner of the third biggest Hungarian Facebook-page. However, according to Trackalytics, only a fragment of his followers, 48 thousand people live in Hungary – reported Moreover, most of his Facebook-followers live in remote countries like Algeria (95 thousand), Mexico (89 thousand), Bangladesh (84 thousand), Indonesia (78 thousand) and Egypt(62 thousand). Interestingly, in Myanmar, the number of his followers (49 thousand) almost equals the number of his Hungarian fans.

He has performances abroad; however, he gave only one concert in these countries. His management said to that his music is understandable in every part of the world and they do not pay their followers. However, they promote the page in every country and

they reach more people in the developing countries because of the lower advertising prices.

Furthermore, they plan concerts in the above-mentioned countries in the future. Finally, he has followers even in developed countries like Germany (54 thousand) and Romania (40 thousand).

World-famous violinist, Zoltán Mága’s case is in many respect similar to Havasi’s since he has

560 thousand fans from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan –

according to To make matters worse, only 19 pc of his followers live in Hungary. Even the Hungarian Competition Authority investigated in his case; however, they did not find anything suspicious.

Twilight Edward’s Hungarian fan page

From a business point of view, the number of followers is very important since companies trend to advertise through the profiles of the influencers. This is why buying social network profiles is becoming a more and more flourishing business. Low-paid workers on so-called

click farms create an average of 150 fake profiles daily and sell each for 70 cents.

These profiles provide likes and even interactions on the pages of the celebrities.

Of course, Facebook tries to balk this activity; however, rather with less than more success. For example, the American giant deleted altogether 583 million fake profiles in the first quarter of 2018.

According to, only in case of Tibi atya’s page are more than 80 pc of their followers from Hungary. This rate is even higher in case of hypermarkets. However, the talented pianist, György Ádám is almost unknown in Hungary even though he performed on the grand opening ceremony of the UEFA EURO 2012. Interestingly,

more than 80 pc of his followers (950 thousand) live in Indonesia.

According to his management, he gave concerts in Indonesia many times in the last 15 years and they do not even know how to pay for new likes.

Imre Fejes, a well-known bikini and lingerie photographer, does not know how he has more than 1 million followers. However, he said to that 5 years before Facebook deleted more than 500 thousand of them because they were fake profiles. Interestingly, he has only 114 followers on Instagram. Without a doubt, the most enigmatic is the case of Robert Pattinson’s Hungarian fan page. Even though there have not been any posts published on it since 2010, it has more than 1 million followers from which only 16 thousand is Hungarian. wrote to the page but nobody answered.


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