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Pécs, 2018. február 3. Kirándulók hóembert építenek a Mecsekben, a Remeteréten Pécs közelében 2018. február 3-án. A havazás veszélye miatt a fél országra elsõ fokú figyelmeztetést adott ki az Országos Meteorológiai Szolgálat. MTI Fotó: Sóki Tamás

According to, in the middle of February, though most of us want to say goodbye to winter, it seems like we have to wait a bit more, as countrywide snowing can be expected on Wednesday. Could this be the last week of winter? Well, it seems like the end of February could still have some surprises in store.

A Mediterranean cyclone arrives on Tuesday with quite heavy precipitation, which can even manifest itself in the form of light or medium intensity snowstorms.

But the temperatures above freezing point do not favour snow-blankets, so it is more than likely that the snow will melt in the more crowded cities, while it will probably stay in the mountains and plain regions. The sky will prevailingly be gloomy on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, we reach the bottom of the cold, therefore the precipitation will mostly signify snow all over the country.

You might be wondering when this winter will end. Well, the easing of the weather can be expected in the second part of the week. From that point on, there are only one and a half weeks left of winter, but as we know, the weather does not care about the calendar.

According to meteorologist László Molnár, they cannot provide exact predictions regarding the end of the winter season, but the current situation suggests that there might be some surprises.

The weekend will be similar to the past weekends weather-wise, with minus between -3 and 1° Celsius and daytime maximums between 2-7° Celsius. The situation will be the most interesting around the 23rd-24th of February, because there are still some stocks in the inner regions of Russia, meaning that we might receive a massive fall in temperature from the northeast.

weather forecast winter

However, this will not be a frontal winter attack; it will only touch Hungary. It could still throw some people off the “spring welcoming comfort zone”. At least if it happens, because at this distance of time only one thing can be stated: there are still some winter stocks in the vicinity of Moscow.

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