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Symba, the Hungarian rescue dog, is among the five best in the world. What makes this fact even more amazing is that Symba has gone through surgery and a long process of rehabilitation.

After completing the most difficult international rescue dog test just last week, the Hungarian rescue dog is back in the top five rescue dogs in the world, reports Népszava

Presently, there are only five rescue dogs in the world that passed the hardest test both in area search and in rubble search. This is especially impressive since Symba is nine years old and has gone through surgery and had a long recovery. Even the owner was surprised by the results.

According to Index, Symba’s owner, László Balázs, revealed that every year, approximately 20 dogs can attempt completing the mastership exam, but only about five of them actually pass.

rescue dog, world champion, symba
Symba and owner

“Even I was surprised that at 9 years old, after a difficult surgery and a long rehabilitation period, Symba succeeded to win over the judges.”

Symba, a Belgian Shepherd, had an accident two years ago, at another rescue dog world championship. Because of a pinched nerve, Symba fell ill and got into a state of shock. Luckily, though, thanks to the long and persistent rehabilitation process, Symba is well again and in great shape, too. Just a few days ago, the Hungarian wonder-dog received an invite to China to the rescue dog competition that takes place at the end of July. This competition is unique in the sense that only ten dogs get invited – this time, thanks to Symba, a Hungarian dog is among them, too.




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