As Hungarian reports, the American version of the online magazine included the Hungarian brand Nanushka in their article “The Emerging Brands To Watch In 2018”. Most of the other 11 names are American, so it is especially momentous that a Hungarian brand was added to the list.

“Although the Budapest-grown label has been around for over a decade, its aesthetic is now more relevant than ever. Founded by Sandra Sandor, Nanushka is the minimalist’s dream, aimed at creating a new informal form of beauty through easy-to-wear designs and feminine touches,” notes the contributor, a fashion fanatic from New York on She adds that Sandor’s ideology is that “if a garment is designed to function well, it will be beautiful”.

In 2015, Nanushka appeared on the Hungarian Forbes magazine’s cover, as the first Hungarian brand to receive massive investments from a capital investor. In 2016, however, the team’s way to success was hindered.

“I never thought it would be over” – now Szandra tells us, her partner and new acting manager, Péter Baldaszti adds: – “Me neither, but we were actually only weeks from having to close down.”

Tables have turned ever since. “Now within one season, we got in to Browns in London, then Net-a-Porter, and we can already see the others coming” – Szandra enthuses. The webshop Net-a-Porter offers 350 luxury brands in the world. They order as much from one season as the top twenty clients did altogether before. “We became the members of an elite club of only 500 brands for a moment.”


“In the previous season, Harrod’s said our brand was not fit for them. Now, having seen that others are coming back to buy from us, they also came back and put their order together.”

Entering the luxury circle is a huge step, but the harder part is staying in and making profitable sales.

Feedback has been positive so far: in the November of 2017 in Lafayette, with neighbours like Kenzo, Carven, and Isabel Marant, Nanushka’s traffic was one of the heaviest.

For 2017-2018, all in all, they expect an income of 700-800 million HUF (about 2.2-2.5 million Euros). They are on the go.

Their appearance in the American gives a hint about Nanushka’s present situation on the market. The Hungarian Forbes magazine will also publish a lengthy article on the successful Hungarian brand in their issue coming out on the 6th of February.

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