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Budapest, 2018. május 18. Az új kormány minisztereinek eskütétele az Országgyûlés plenáris ülésén 2018. május 18-án. Az elsõ sorban körben balról-jobbra Bártfai-Mager Andrea, a nemzeti vagyon kezeléséért felelõs tárca nélküli miniszter, Kásler Miklós emberi erõforrásokért felelõs miniszter, Pintér Sándor belügyminiszter, Trócsányi László igazságügyi miniszter, Rogán Antal, a Miniszterelnöki Kabinetirodát vezetõ miniszter, Gulyás Gergely, a Miniszterelnökséget vezetõ miniszter, Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök, Semjén Zsolt nemzetpolitikáért, egyházügyekért és nemzetiségekért felelõs tárca nélküli miniszter, Szijjártó Péter külgazdasági és külügyminiszter, Benkõ Tibor honvédelmi miniszter, Varga Mihály pénzügyminiszter, Nagy István agrárminiszter, Palkovics László innovációs és technológiai miniszter és Süli János, a paksi atomerõmû bõvítéséért felelõs tárca nélküli miniszter. MTI Fotó: Soós Lajos

Responding to a package of punitive laws tabled in Parliament yesterday that will criminalize migration-related work by activists and NGOs, Amnesty International’s Europe Director, Gauri van Gulik said:

“In their desperate drive to make Hungary the most hostile territory for asylum seekers and refugees in Europe, the Hungarian government has taken their attempt to enshrine intolerance, xenophobia and racism in law to a new level.

“This cruel plan to hermetically seal their borders would criminalize legitimate activities such as offering information and providing legal advice to asylum-seekers. This could result in paralysis for organizations and leave already vulnerable people in an ever more precarious situation.

“MPs should to do the right thing and vote down this brazen attack on activists, on NGOs, and on those seeking safe haven from persecution.”

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  1. Amnesty International has one goal: to get money for their ‘activities’ as long as possible! Regarding their attack on Orbán they should know the following:
    Orbán goes a step further and wants to criminalize asylum activists. He is now also battling with asylum activists and people smugglers. In Hungary new laws are in the making to punish people who are helping immigrants to obtain asylum. The law includes passages that prohibit the printing of pamphlets containing information for asylum seekers and the provision of food or legal advice to immigrants under penalty of a few days to a number of years in the cell. It is part of the ‘Stop Soros’ proposal of Orbán’s party Fidesz, which was reported earlier. This should tighten the rules regarding non-governmental organizations, including those of the Jewish Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, a.k.a. Schwartz György. Orbán consistently accuses Soros of replacing the original population of Hungary with Muslim migrants. Combating Soros was therefore a spearhead of his election campaign. We have an opponent who is different from us, he said in early May 2018, targeting Soros. He does not work with an open mind, but in the secret. He is not honest, but deceiving, he is not a national, but a cosmopolitan. He does not believe in work, but speculates with money. He has no homeland because he thinks that the whole world is his. Several leading figures in the European Parliament accused Orbán of anti-semitism in response to these statements. Soros gave a speech at a European think-tank in Paris on 29.05.2018, in which he denies Orbán’s allegations: the Hungarian Prime Minister puts the core values of the European Union (EU) at risk, he says. In addition to the ‘Stop Soros Act’, Orbán wants to implement a constitutional amendment to ensure that the EU cannot force Hungary to include (Muslim) immigrants. Orbán already submitted the amendment in 2016, but the proposal did not achieve a 70% majority at the time. This is necessary to implement the adjustment. Now that Orbán’s party has won an absolute majority, the party has the power to implement constitutional amendments. At the beginning of 2018 Orbán once again drew fiercely against other member states of the European Union and against the redistribution plan of migrants in particular. His country refuses to cooperate with this. The solution is clearly not to distribute the people who have come here illegally across the EU, Orbán says. The EU redistribution plan failed miserably, especially as a number of countries – Hungary and 3 other Central European countries – refused to cooperate. In order to solve this problem Europe must deal with the ‘real problem’, namely to guard the borders, Orbán thinks. In the past, the Hungarian Prime Minister has more often been the protector of the European borders, especially after he decided in 2015 to close the Hungarian border with Serbia by building a fence. Because Hungary closed this border the migration flow through the infamous Balkan route dried up for a large part. Several times he aroused the wrath of EU leaders because of his harsh border policy during the migration crisis in 2015. Orbán then argued that his border fence protects the entire EU against immigration and that his country should not be punished, but rather praised. Orbán often defies Western EU-memberstates with his statements. The danger no longer comes to us from Moscow, but from Brussels, Paris and Berlin he said in February 2018 in his annual speech on the state of the nation. Orbán likes to introduce the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin as an example and regularly takes position for the Russians in the European Union, to the annoyance of Western EU countries. The Open Society Foundations (OSF) of philanthropist and billionaire George Soros closes its office in Budapest. The foundation decided to do so because of the ‘increasingly repressive political and legal climate’ in Hungary. The organization is transferring employees based in Budapest to Berlin. This also includes international activities that are now being undertaken in Hungary. The foundation of Soros who himself comes from Hungary, is committed to human rights and the promotion of democratic governance. George Soros lost $ 1 billion in the Trumps election victory. The OSF complains in a statement about the hostile attitude of the Hungarian authorities. In the past two years, the Hungarian government has spent more than € 100 million in tax money on a campaign to spread lies about the Foundations and its partners, according to the OSF, which speaks of a ‘hate campaign’. Viktor Orbán is focussed on billionaire George Soros during his fierce campaign for the April 2018 elections. Orbán claims that Soros wants to replace the original population of Hungary for migrants. We have an opponent who is different from us, Orbán said about Soros. He does not work with an open mind, but in the secret. He is not honest, but deceiving, he is not a national but a cosmopolitan. He does not believe in work but speculates with money. He does not have a homeland because he thinks the whole world is his. The feud between them is not new. In April 2017, Orbán also opened the attack on a university in Hungary, financed by Soros. Through an accelerated procedure a law was passed that, according to the Hungarian government, is to ensure academic sovereignty. Critics believe that the measure restricts academic freedom. It all revolved around Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, popularly called Soros University. The university is not only financed by Hungarian, but also by American institutions. In addition, students can obtain an American and a Hungarian diploma. According to the new law, the CEU must open a faculty in New York, otherwise the university may no longer accept students. Soros counts as a major donor to the CEU. In 2016, the university opened a new main building in the heart of Budapest: costs € 34 million. It is striking that Orbán is so eager to put an end to the CEU. He received a scholarship for CEU paid by Soros himself. The CEU still exists, however the Canadian rector Michael Ignatieff announced on 01.05.2018 that he wants to keep the educational institution open at all costs. The Hungarian Soros is known for his political donations and is known as a passionate europhile. For example, he foresaw a doom scenario if the United Kingdom were to vote for its withdrawal from the European Union. He donated large amounts to the campaign to prevent that. A big contrast with Orbán and his Eurosceptic policy. In Holland the name Soros became controversial after disclosures that the investor wanted to discuss with Prime Minister Rutte about the ‘yes’ campaign of the government in the run-up to the Ukrainian referendum in April 2016. At the so-called Soros leak a few months later in August – it turned out that the businessman paid huge amounts to Dutch organizations. Rutte and Soros never finally spoke to each other according to the Ministry of the Interior. ‘Stop-Soros-law’ was the last push. Soon the Hungarian parliament will most likely adopt a law through which civil society organizations cannot operate as easily in Hungary. This so-called ‘Stop Soros Act’ was ultimately the last push for Soros and his Open Society Foundations to leave Hungary. Under the law, the Hungarian Minister of Internal Affairs can organize organizations which, for example, stand up for refugees if they ‘pose a threat to national security’. This type of organization must also pay 25% tax on foreign donations. According to the Hungarian opposition and human rights organizations, Hungary has moved further in the direction of an authoritarian state with the departure of the OSF, which is of course a big bullshit. If you do not follow the European orders then you are dangerous and undesirable. Orbán deserves all respect and support.

  2. French woman who helped illegals to cross the Italian/French border now threatens 5 years and 30,000 punishment. On 30.05.2018 in Nice the trial against Amnesty International member Martine Landry (73) has started. She helped on 18.07.2017 two illegal fortune seekers aged 16 from Guinea from Italy to cross the border with France. She was caught, arrested and now in court. According to the Aliens Accommodation Act, article 622-1, providing assistance to persons without valid travel documents, who thereby illegally enter France, is punishable. Naturally, Amnesty International has reacted because Landry is a member. After all, it is a matter of pathetic people who need to be helped, a.s.o. You now know the whole story. Landry’s lawyer says that she did not actively help both minors by calling them from the French side of the border how they had to walk, so she herself was not present in Italy, which would be a minus for the French public prosecutor who has already rejected this argument. Amnesty International said in a communication that this is the moment that France has to adjust its inhumane legislation on illegal border crossings. French readers from, among others, the Figaro side reacted this morning to the above with humor, which you do not always suspect of ‘les compatriotes’. One of the respondents wrote that Macron, when he is no longer president, which many French people are hoping for, can look forward to it because he also allowed illegal immigrants access to France. That a French president who has resigned is still inviolable for some time, we forget about this for a moment. It does show, however, that French citizens are more than fed up with the ease of which the government facilitates the influx of fortune-seekers, because at the end of the ‘party’ the citizen is left with the bill. Fortunately, in the Netherlands, the socialists having the democrates in the blackmail, have taken care that illegality is not punishable. So if you have nothing to do in the coming days and you want to enjoy the sun, throw a few chairs in the car, park somewhere just over the German or Belgian Dutch border and as soon as you see a dark head show him/her way to the land of happiness and honey. Amnesty International will thank you for this.

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