According to hungarianambiance.comthere are a number of municipalities in Hungary that breed ostriches as part of the public works program reported “Magyar Nemzet”.

In the last five or six years demand for ostrich meat has doubled in Western Europe.

Switzerland is one of the main consumers of ostrich meat in Europe, but this delicacy is getting more popular in England, Germany, France and Italy as well.

The municipality of Monostorpályi is located in Szabolcs-Szatmár county and joined the ostrich breeding initiative last summer as part of the public works program that the government supported with nearly HUF 15 million.

Other municipalities are also considering to start ostrich breeding programs, mostly due to government support.

Ostrich breeding in Hungary started twenty years ago. Farmers prefer ostriches to other livestock because they are undemanding birds, they eat grain and tolerate cold weather very well.

The adult bird may reach 100-110 kg and one Ostrich egg equivalent to 25 hen eggs; it’s skin rivals with crocodile skin.

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