Three Hungarian zoos welcomed new animals in the first weeks of spring. In Szeged, a three-banded armadillo was born, while visitors of Veszprém Zoo can soon meet the newborn impala baby, and Budakeszi Zoo has two brown bears again.

A southern three-banded armadillo was born in the Szeged Zoo, reports. The zoo has been keeping three-banded armadillos since 2011, and the animals previously born there have found homes in other European zoos.

The curious-looking mammal belongs to the same family as giant anteaters and two-toed sloths. It uses its armour as a defence mechanism, rolling into a ball when threatened. It eats primarily insects, including ants and termites. Although it is not yet endangered, in recent years, habitat loss and poaching has led to a decline of population in its natural habitat of South-America.

In October last year, when the latest armadillo was born, the Szeged zookeepers decided to help the animal to get accustomed to human touch, and not to snap its armour shut immediately. The young armadillo has become quite brave and allows visitors to touch its armour.

Photo:édi Lajos

An impala calf was born in the Veszprém Zoo, writes. The calf is the first newborn in the African savannah enclosure this year. The mother and the calf are both healthy, and the calf will be introduced to the public in a few weeks’ time.

In fine weathers, the animals are outside in the African savannah enclosure in the company of white rhinoceroses, zebras, and lechwe, while in colder weather, they can be found in their new indoor home in the Orrszarvú-ház (Rhinoceros-house).

The impala is one of the most common types of antelope, native to southern Africa. It lives in herds led by a male, primarily in woodlands and savannahs with a reliable water source.

Photo: Veszprémi Állatkert Facebook

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Lastly, two new brown bears arrived at the Budakeszi Zoo, writes. The pair came from Veresegyház to replace Móric, whose mate suddenly died.

Móric, as it is customary to brown bears, has difficulties forming new relationships, so he was taken back to Veresegyház. In turn, Budakeszi welcomed a new pair, Romulusz and Tibor, who have known each other for a long time. The new bears have already taken over the renovated bar enclosure.

Péter Szabó, the director of Budakeszi Zoo revealed that the renovated bear enclosure has a reinforced security system, as well as brand new, unbreakable glass panels which allow visitors to see these majestic predators up close.

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