Revolting: Samsung factory in Hungary could be closed immediately under new court order

The factory's environmental permit has been annulled by the court. #samsung #factory #court #environment

Expansion plans for potentially harmful battery plant fly under the radar in Hungary

Samsung is set to expand its battery plant near Göd by a further 43,000 sm2, as disclosed in a rather elusive government statement. See the details here.

ESG law strengthens the competitiveness of Hungarian businesses

Expectations related to ESG obligations are becoming increasingly common in Hungary's business sector. #esg #business

Hungarian green party motions for stricter control of battery plants

Opposition #LMP has submitted a motion to parliament on tightening control over battery plants set up in Hungary:

PHOTOS: Amazing Budapest park to double in size in the heart of the city

The area will soon be opened up as a pop-up park with temporary elements. #park #nature #green #budapest #environment

Danube: dangerous and long-lasting chemical found in water

A 2023 study showed that the so-called “forever chemicals” that persist for an exceptionally long time can be found in the Danube and its tributaries.

Vanishing Lake Urmia: environmental decline and neglect in Iran

Iran's Lake Urmia, previously the sixth-largest saltwater lake worldwide, has drastically shrunk due to environmental neglect, posing serious ecological and social issues.

National interest to protect water resources, Orbán cabinet says

Hungary's water resources are a national treasure, and protecting them is in everyone's interest, a government official said on Friday, World Water Day. #water #environment #government

PHOTOS: Impressive Hungarian 5-star hotel earns Green Key certification

Minaro Hotel Tokaj MGallery has been awarded the Green Key certification in recognition of its sustainability efforts. Check out some breathtaking photos below! #hotel #greenkey #tourism #tokaj

UN Environment Assembly has elected Hungarian VP

The United Nations Environment Assembly has elected Hungarian secretary at the energy ministry its vice president #government #UnitedNations #UN #environment

FM Szijjártó: Hungary rejects extreme ideologies

Hungary objects to green ideologies that kowtow to "fanatical climate activists", Péter Szijjártó said. #green #nature #environment #planet #climate

Huge flood alert on river sections in Northern Hungary

Although Hungary is often referred to as a water-rich country, this is less true: flood and drought in the same year...

Awakening Humanity’s Sacred Mission: Experts on Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity

Two experts, Alessandro Farina and Giacomo Pedranzini, shared their personal experience in Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity, at the worldwide Symposium “Awakening Humanity's Sacred Mission”. #nature #environment #sustainability #economy

Number of green vehicles up five fold in the last few years

A massive jump in the number of green vehicles in Hungary, and now a big tender has opened to support companies buying electric cars. Details here:

Budapest to get EUR 780 million EU funding for city development

"We are building a sustainable, green city that exercises solidarity," the Mayor said, announcing the development package. #development #budapest #city #eufunds

Launching with 23,000 Locations: Beeco’s Eco-Conscious Map Begins its Sustainable Quest

Numerous points of Beeco await those who actively want to contribute to the wellbeing of Earth. #beeco #environment

Hungary on the verge of home solar panel boom

Tens of thousands of Hungarian already submitted their applications in the relevant scheme #government #environment #homesolarpanel

Air quality ‘dangerous’ in several parts of Hungary

Air quality is now "dangerous" in many parts of Hungary, according to the national public health centre (NNGYK). #airquality #environment #pollution

How to Choose the Best Beer Packaging for Your Brand? 

The way you package your beer is very important to build up the image of your brand. It can affect how fresh and good it tastes, make customers like or...

Minister: Hungary spends a lot on environment protection

Environment protection investments in 2023 reached a 13-year high, István Nagy, the agriculture minister, said in a statement on Friday. #environment #government #money