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Anniversary of the Balogh Sándor Foundation

Anniversary of the Balogh Sándor Foundation

According to the GLOBS Magazine, the Balogh Sándor Foundation was established in 2007, by private individuals, upon a family initiative, in memory of Sándor Balogh, the popular, renowned teacher from Szerencs, who was also a favourite among the children.

One of the declared objectives of the Non-Governmental-Organisation is to promote the studies, and improve the living conditions, of pupils attending the educational institutions of the town, and living in the surrounding villages, and needing long-term medical care due to illness or in a disadvantaged position socially or through no fault of their own.

In order to achieve the above objectives, more than 200 children in need have received books, computers and various amounts of financial support from the Balogh Sándor Foundation through application over the last 10 years.

Upon the request of one of the local nursery schools, the Balogh Sándor Foundation also offered a valuable package of books to assist the effective education of the children.

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The board of trustees also emphasises incentives to study foreign languages. Within the framework of that programme, to date, more than 180 students have had their examination fees reimbursed following their successful fulfilment of the requirements. In 2012, the NGO offered new, continuous support schemes to disadvantaged young people and assisted students who had obtained State recognised certificates of intermediate or high-level language skills by refunding their examination fees. Up to this year, HUF 3.8 million has been spent within that programme. Moreover, from next year the state will support to take the first language exam, so this amount of money can be spend on other important areas by the foundation.

In 2008, the foundation launched a support scheme for private individuals and organisations intending to implement the objectives laid down in the articles of association. Numerous applications were received in response to the call, from which, with the involvement of schools and municipalities, the applicants needing support were selected and received various types of backing in the subsequent academic year. The benefits included one of a financial grant, a study grant for a number of months, computers and book packages, all aimed at promoting more effective study and improving living conditions.

According to GLOBS Magazine, over the past 10 years, the value of donations has exceeded HUF 6 million. The Balogh Sándor Foundation will continue to devote itself to the implementation of its objectives, to the reduction of social disparities, to the improvement of teaching and learning conditions and to promoting successful study by students struggling with difficulties in their lives. Thus, they seek to honour the memory of Balogh Sándor.

The GLOBS Magazine said, their latest memorable charity program was on June 3. Thanks to the Balogh Sándor Foundation, hundreds of elementary school students came to Budapest to see the new Danube Arena. The youngsters of Szerencs, Tokaj, Bodrogkeresztúr, Mád, Megyaszó and Taktaharkány were guided by the president of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Sándor Balogh. In the Arena, the kids were able to gain insight into the Junior and Adult Swimming Championships as well. A common picture was also made at the grandstand of the Arena, and then the team took a hike on the Danube. On a boat – called Táncsics –, the organizers welcomed the hikers. The watercraft took the little ones to Budapest’s most beautiful and most spectacular buildings, so everyone left the city with unforgettable memories and experiences.

If you would like to contact with the Balogh Sándor Foundation, please write an email to [email protected]

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Source: by László Sárkány/GLOBS Magazine

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