Caritas Hungarica aid shipment arrives in Ukraine

A shipment of the Hungarian Catholic church's aid organisation Caritas Hungarica has arrived in Chernihiv in northern Ukraine:

Want to help Ukrainian children fled to Hungary? Here you can do it!

Parasolka is a charity group organizing after school events for the guests from Ukraine who arrived to Hungary after the Russian invasion began. #Hungary #Hungarian #Ukraine #refugee #children #Parasolka

Hungarian FM Szijjártó discusses Ukraine war with Red Cross heads

"The Hungary-Ukraine border is considered a safe one, and so humanitarian aid runs no risk of attacks"

Orbán cabinet: so far more than 750,000 people have fled Ukraine through Hungary

"This is not our war but since the start of war between Russia and Ukraine..."

The Catholic Bishops’s Conference asks followers to declare faith in national census

The Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference (MKPK) asks their followers to indicate their faith in the national census to be conducted in the autumn. #DailyNewsHungay #Hungary

Finns and Hungarians to work together on rebuilding Ukrainian schools

Hungarian Interchurch Aid and Finn Church Aid have signed a cooperation agreement to work together on rebuilding schools in Ukraine damaged in the war. #Hungary #Hungarian #Ukraine #education #rebuilding #school #building #religion #church #charity