Hungary helps Ukrainian refugees

Hungarian Interchurch Aid has helped several thousand refugees at its Budapest centre for supporting Ukrainian refugees. #refugee #aid #support #InterchurchAid #Ukraine #war

Austria hails Hungary Helps programme

Austrian minister for women and integration Susanna Raab met state secretary Tristan Azbej in Vienna

Hungarian government continues to be ready to contribute to intl humanitarian aid – UPDATE 🔄

Opening ceremony of the European Humanitarian Forum: Hungary spent over 70 million euros on humanitarian aid worldwide last year, and...

New Maltese Charity’s health-care centre opens in Hungary

The Maltese Charity Service's has opened a health centre set up in Bicske, east of Budapest, to provide mobile services to the country's poorest localities.

Hungary’s ongoing efforts to help the people of Ukraine don’t go unnoticed

Hungary's unwavering journey of support for the people of Ukraine is a testament to the strength of unity and compassion.💙

Another astonishing Christmas fair and ice rink opened in Budapest’s downtown

The new Christmas Fair and ice rink in Budapest was opened by the city's mayor, Gergely Karácson, whose name means Christmas #Christmas #Christmasfair #CityHall #Budapest #park #icerink

Orbán cabinet: Hungary pays special attention to the Sahel

Government official calls for strategic review of EU aid to Ukraine

Finnish Santa Claus Joulupukki to come to Hungary: here you can meet him

The original Santa Claus, the Finnish Joulupukki, is to come to Hungary this year. #SantaClaus #Finland #December #Budapest #Sárvár #Szombathely

Hungarian government to send military mission to Africa

"There are US and French forces, but Hungary will have a mission on its own"

Hungarian Nobel laureate donates prize money for Ukrainian people in need

The Hungarian Nobel laureate founded a charity to help Ukrainian people affected by war and in urgent need. #ukrainewar #science #nobelprize #physics

PHOTOS: Hungarian construction companies help Türkiye earthquake victims

Hungarian #construction companies in unparalleled unity to help the victims of the #earthquakes in #Türkiye #Hungary #Hungarian

Govt: Hungary implemented the largest humanitarian programme for Ukrainian refugees in its history

European Humanitarian Forum in Brussels:

Pope grants honour to Hungarian Maltese Charity international head

Pope Francis has awarded Dániel Solymári, director of international relations at the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta #Pope #Vatican #award #dailynewshungary #charity #charityservice

Hungary sends further aid to earthquake-hit Türkiye

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told a joint press conference held with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, in Ankara

Hungarian Reformed Church Aid helps over 200,000 Ukrainians

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has helped more than 200,000 people since the start of the war in Ukraine, the organisation said on Friday. #church #Hungary #Hungarian #Ukraine #war #dailynewshungary

Civilians can help women in need through the Hungarian campaign

Volunteers can drop off aid packages both in person and through the FOXPOST automatic parcel lockers for free. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #poverty #womeninneed #nemluxustáska #notaluxurybag #donation

Hungarian people’s report on the earthquake in Syria and Türkiye

Thousands of people are affected by the earthquake in Syria and Türkiye and the Hungarian team is doing its best to help the injured. #hungarians #syria #türkiye #earthquake #humanitarian #aid #disaster

Hungarian Baptist Aid sending rescue team to earthquake-hit Türkiye

The Hungarian Baptist Aid is sending a special rescue team to Türkiye to help with search and rescue efforts following a major earthquake that hit the country on Monday.

Hungary sends USD 3,000 emergency aid to attacked Nigerian Catholic community

On Sunday, a group of bandits attacked a church in Kafin-Koro, killing Father Isaac Achi by burning him alive in his home. Another priest was hospitalised with gunshot wounds.

Crowds queueing for charity food in Hungary: people struggle

Those arrived to the charity event could take home a hot lunch, tea, fruit and a food gift bag with nearly 20 items among others. #charity #Hungary #Budapest #Christmas #dailynewshungary