IndexVideo World team took anti-refugee hate facebook commenters to Keleti railway station in Hungary to meet the actual refugees who they were writing about.


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  1. Youtube propaganda video.
    To quote the video : ” I do not want to defend anybody, but only because of the behaviour of some individuals it would be a mistake to condemn a whole nation. ”
    By the same logic, I also do not view this video as being representative of the whole nation of migrants when only two migrants are selectively interviewed and very poorly questioned and answered at that.
    What is wrong with fighting and supporting your side in the civil war ? Why do you expect others to sacrifice themselves for your benefit ? Why have you changed from refugee status to economic migrant ? If you are so highly qualified as you claimed, surely countries bordering Syria would headhunt you for your skills and regional language. Which faction in Syria did they support ??? Then there is the awkward cultural and behavioural integration questions and finally ; do you expect Europe to be full of empty accommodation just waiting to house each year 800,000+ migrants to be closely followed by their extended family each requiring a four bedroom house or apartment ? And do we really believe they will return to their native countries ? Do they think Europe has no social problems of its own people ; let alone the pressure that an alien invasion will be having ?

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