Filipe Almeida, an extraordinary globetrotter, is traveling during one year and will arrive in Hungary on the 22nd July, during his epic journey. Filipe was diagnosed with a kidney disease as an infant, and currently receives haemodialysis treatment three times a week. He is also the face of adventure and determination, as he journeys around the world with his family: wife Catarina and son Guilherme.

Over the course of a year, starting from April, the family is visiting thirty countries and their adventures will be shared through their family blog

All the while, Filipe is following the treatment plan vital for his survival, showing that it is possible to live life to the fullest even when diagnosed with a stage 5 kidney disease.

Filipe, Catarina and Guilherme will travel through several European countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

Their first destination after leaving Lisbon will be the Bahamas. Other destinations will include Cuba, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Brazil, where the trip is expected to end in March 2020. Filipe will also return to Portugal periodically to review his medical condition.

filipe travel kidney

The emphasis is on adventure, a rare experience for a chronically ill patient whose life depends on undergoing treatment, without fail, every other day. In fact, Filipe and Catarina are undertaking this journey to inspire other chronic kidney patients hoping to help them enjoy their mobility and exercise their right to a normal and empowered life.

An inspiration for all chronic kidney patients

Filipe’s kidney disease was diagnosed when he was only 12 years old. As the disease was of a immunological aetiology and had a genetic origin, it was expected to progress into adulthood.

filipe travel kidney

Only a year and a half ago – just as Filipe and Catarina were finding out they were going to be parents – the kidney disease reached stage 5; a stage when haemodialysis, or another replacement treatment (such as Peritoneal Dialysis or Renal Transplant) becomes necessary to replace renal function and stay alive. Accepting this new condition was not easy, but Filipe refused give up on his life projects and, with the support of Catarina, decided to undertake this trip around the world, proving that this is possible even for end-stage kidney patients.

The couple committed to this dream entirely.

Their blog, in which they were already writing about their lives – – will serve as a platform for reporting on their experiences, as a diary for their son, and as a source of inspiration for other kidney patients.

filipe travel kidney

Providing all the logistical support for the trip is Diaverum, an independent and global renal care provider with Swedish origins and with a presence in Portugal (where Filipe is a regular patient). From the start, the company has spared no efforts in helping make this dream turn into a reality that can inspire other patients to lead full, active lives which are not taken over by haemodialysis treatments.

For one year, Filipe Almeida will be visiting a series of countries as a true ambassador for this cause.

filipe travel kidney

Providing a real testimonial through his ability to integrate the chronic disease into his life, without having to give up the joy of realizing his dreams.

Source: Diaverum

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