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Four border crossings have been re-opened between Austria and Hungary. Burgenland closed 35 out of its 60 border crossings to Hungary in October 2018. Now, an agreement has been reached to re-open four, partially re-open a fifth one. There is an ongoing negotiation regarding a sixth crossing point.

As Daily News Hungary also reported, Austria closed half of its border crossings to Hungarian cars last October. Burgenland, the closest province of Austria to Hungary closed 35 out of its 60 border crossings.

Austria closes half of its borders to Hungarian cars

The reason behind the decision was that the heavy traffic from Hungary disturbed the locals. Many Hungarians commute to work daily, and became too disturbing for people living near the border. The regulation applied to cars and motorbikes, anyone could pass the border on foot, by bicycle or by agricultural vehicles, even with horses.

Now, four border crossings have been re-opened. Hungarian Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Levente Magyar and Austrian politician Hans Niessl reached an agreement in Felsőőr on 11 January regarding the closed border crossings, reports. According to this agreement, four border crossing points have been since re-opened to cars and motorbikes who would like to come and go between the two countries.

The four border crossing points that are yet again open to cars and motorbikes are the following:

  • Sopronkeresztúr/Deutschkreutz – Harka
  • Sopronkeresztúr/Deutschkreutz – Nagycenk
  • Miklóshalma/Nickelsdorf – Rajka
  • Pinkakertes/Gaas – Szentpéterfa

Only passenger cars are allowed to go through a fifth border crossing between Farkasdifalva and Neumarkt a.d. Raab. The two parties could not reach an agreement regarding a sixth border crossing, which remains closed for the time being between Sopronnyék and Neckenmarkt. Hungary is still trying to negotiate and wants to open the fifth crossing. However, Hungary has accepted Austria’s decision regarding all of the other closed border crossings that were closed last October.


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