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Wild Code School is an internationally known and prominent coding school that has opened schools in several cities already. From January, the Hungarian capital will also be one of them. And why barefoot? The article will reveal it.

Daily News Hungary reported before that the international Wild Code School is opening its 24th campus in the Hungarian capital. From January 2020, the institution will offer extraordinary and unique education. Alongside international opportunities, the school offers a 5-month-long intensive web developing course in English. According to the school’s owners, Budapest is an attractive location with a young environment and extensive digital development.

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Forbes reported that more details had been revealed about the international coding school’s arrival. The school’s first campus opened in 2014 in the French town of La Loupe, and after two years, four French cities were enriched with a Wild Code School: Bordeaux, Lyon, Orléans, and Toulouse. After three years, investors started to see the opportunities in the school. They offered the institution a 300,000 EUR support which was later increased by 3 million EUR. In 2018, after opening the final campus in France, the school broadened its horizon and opened a school in Brussels.

Hungary, Budapest, Wild Code School
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This spring, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, and London welcomed the school while in January 2020, another five will introduce the coding institute: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Milan, and Budapest. With these cities, Wild Code School will have 24 schools on the continent.

On January 13th, the first course of the Hungarian school will start with 15 students, learning in English. The application process has already started: every candidate needs to go through a three-tiered interview to get into the team. The interview includes tasks like creating a website (for beginners, instructions are provided), and two personal conversations.  

The course runs for five months and costs 5 million HUF (14,700 EUR). The school would like to encourage women to apply by offering them a 230,000 EUR scholarship. The school welcomes everyone from every generation: students, adults, investors, businessmen and women, and even IT specialists to refresh their knowledge.

Budapest, Wild Code School, Hungary
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And finally, the answer for the mysterious barefoot word: everyone at every institution teaches and studies barefoot, in socks. The school believes that if you are barefoot, your mind opens up more easily. You feel different because if your feet are free, so is your mind.

Source: www.forbes.hu

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