Bariksa are an infant start-up whose goals is to build and operate solar-powered eco-tricycles and serve the best coffee in town, thus fostering sustainable business models, the advancement of clean technologies and an eco-friendly, yet forward-thinking design integrated with smart solutions.

Bariksa have launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the realisation of the first four eco-tricycles because, as it often happens, all available funds have been invested in the study and planning of the eco-tricycles and, as all company at their early stage, money is tight. The team have taken care of every small details in order to come up with a minimal design that would allow to provide top quality coffee to drink on the go and provide a service in the utmost respect not just for the environment, but for everyone in town.

We want to be a business with a soul and a conscience; to us, it is of course important to be earning money, but we’re not willing to compromise on the environmental impact of our activities nor on the philosophy that has brought us together.

We want the Bariksas to mirror modern societies; they’re going to be mobile, connected, sustainable, light, and cutting-edge.

Social responsibility, quality and zero-impact are the tenets guiding our action; Gandhi said “Be the change you want to be in the world”, this is our take on it.

Further information on the campaign and updates about Bariksa can be found at

Address any enquiry at [email protected].

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