naphegy vendégház hungary

Here are some beautiful remote – and not so remote – locations you can enjoy with your significant other or family to get away from the hectic work week and be near nature.

Öreghegy Family House

Öreghegy, in Vidornyalak, has multiple guest houses you can choose from. This family house is a bit further away from the rest, just by the forest. The house has a spacious patio, two bedrooms with kingsized beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It is perfect for a family of four.

The children can play in the yard while the parents relax on the patio. They can play with farm animals and get to know the farm life – it is the perfect little getaway from the big city to recharge.

Noszvaj Treehouses

The treehouses in Naszvaj were the first ones built in Hungary. Here you can escape from the city to a unique location. The treehouses are very well equipped and modern, so it is a mixture of luxury and nature – perfect for a glamping trip.

Naphegy Guesthouse

This rustic little house is decorated beautifully, using natural materials and furniture from Asia. It is located in the forest near the River Danube, in Zebegény. It has a loft-like space inside and can host up to four people.

It is perfect for a romantic weekend away from everyday life, but you can even bring your children and pets along.

Hilltop Hideout

Hilltop Hideout, as the name suggests, is a remote house, at the highest point of Szentendre, on the Kada top. The house is right next to the forest, so nature is just a few steps away, and you can have it all to yourself. Szentendre is only a 10-minute drive away.

You can also request breakfast from local specialities, but you can also do a bonfire and cook some food yourself. It is perfect for couples as the house can only host two people maximum.

Alszer Guesthouse

This wooden house has wooden decor elements throughout its space. The house was built by hand from old pine logs. The house has two floors and can host four people at a time.

Montem Guesthouse

For those who want a less remote location but still want to relax and get away from everything, or if they want to go as a bigger group, the Montem Guesthouse is the perfect choice.

The guesthouses are located in a nature reserve on a mountain. There are two houses, one with seven rooms, a sauna, a diner, and spacious balconies. The other is for families, with two rooms, a kitchen, and a sauna all to themselves. The two houses can host up to 24 people.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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