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The crown was placed upon 19-year-old Eleni Balogh’s head, while the two runner-ups were Brigitta Kulin and Annabella Lakatos.

19-year-old Eleni Balogh from Budapest won the title of Miss Balaton based on the judges’ decision this year, as well as according to the public’s votes. Moreover, she also won a year-long modelling contract with Sugarbird. The first runner-up is Brigitta Kulin, who won third place based on public votes, while Annabella Lakatos finished as the second runner-up. The public voted Mónika Németh for second place, reported szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu.

miss balaton 2019 winner eleni balogh
Photo: https://www.facebook.com/missbalaton/

The finale of Miss Balaton was held in the Leisure and Conference Centre of Balatonfüred this year, too. The TOP 12 took part in a three-day-long photoshoot camp before the finale, then went to a week-long preparation camp, so they could give their all at the finale. You can read more about it and see the top 12 finalists HERE.

The young beauty queen, Eleni Balogh, works as a model, has appeared in several commercial videos for world-wide brands, and we also got to know that she is not the first to find her passion in the fashion industry from her family. “Although we have never walked the same runway with Mum, it would be a huge dream-come-true for me,” Eleni said during the competition. After being announced as the winner, she spoke through her tears, saying she did not believe what had happened, and that she had won all three prizes.

The finalists first walked the runway in casual outfits, then in bikinis, then came the cocktail dresses, and lastly, the evening gowns in front of the judges and the audience. Before the announcements, there was an unexpected, never-before-seen moment. The mentors of the finalists, who helped them prepare, also went on stage and introduced themselves, including Éva Horváth, Betta Lipcsei, Eszti Iszak, Panni Epres, Regina Dukai, Linda Zimány, Cinti Horváth, Fruzsi Bertók, Szilvi Magony, Dalma Foczkó, Barbi Kis – models and former beauty queens.

Eleni Balogh was gifted with a year-long management contract, a valuable Baraka Diamond necklace, a weekend at the Zala Springs Golf Resort, a year-long Sugarbird contract, a Fashion Street coupon, as well as a travelling coupon, thanks to her winning three prizes. Brigitta Kulin, the first runner-up, won a week-long couple’s trip to Tunisia and a Fashion Street coupon. Annabella Lakatos, the second runner-up, won a vacation to Tunisia as well, and the second-place-winner of the public vote, Mónika Németh, was gifted a shopping coupon.







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