Soon, bed cinema will open in Budapest, on Bécsi Street. There will also be a craft market and a folklore room in Buda Entertainment and Gastro center. Later, a cocktail bar and two clubs will be opened, too, index reports.

”The complex is expected to be completed by the summer of 2015. Quality restaurants, a sky terrace bar, programs and other entertainment facilities will wait for visitors. By the side of the building, painters will create and sell their pictures, similarly to Montmarte in Paris” said Arie Yom-Tov, co-owner of the complex.

But what is more interesting is that by the end of November, a new cinema will have been opened, where people can watch movies like nowhere else in Hungary: lying in bed. Each bed has holders for drinks and food; below them, there is a box for shoes. In Europe, only London has a cinema similar to Hungary’s Bed Cinema. The difference is that there is only one row of beds, while here, the whole room is occupied by beds. All in all, there are 35 double beds. Screenings will take place in every 3 hours: family movies during the day, drama- and action films in the evening, and horrors at nighttime.

According to, ticket prices are not yet accurate; according to aeoflux blog, the ticket for a couple is expected to cost 5-6 thousand HUF. It is also possible that this price will include some food and drinks, too.

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