The biannual Taste of London festival celebrates the best restaurants, chefs, and products the city has to offer. This year’s Taste of London: Festive Edition was held on 17-20 November at the Tobacco Dock in East London where, besides the local food, several countries presented their own gourmet products, including Hungary, writes.

The Hungarian pavilion featured an array of products including Hungarian wines, plum jam, and sausages, as well as some novelties which might seem unusual to lovers of traditional Hungarian cuisine, such as a 100% organic beetroot-apple juice or a Jerusalem artichoke ketchup.

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The new brand Áldomás (‘blessing’) was established by the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH), and it aims to introduce a wide range of premium-quality Hungarian products abroad.

“I’ve been working for four years to make a brand like this possible,” says Zsanett Oláh, CEO of MNKH. “When I became the head of MNKH two years ago, we were approached by an independent company with a very similar idea. They brought complete plans and an image, and we were happy to support them, since it’s a great plan, a great brand, and an amazing message as well.”

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At the moment, Áldomás has thirty different products. These are made by Hungarian companies and they are presented to the world under the umbrella of a shared brand.

“We are constantly looking to expand our line with new Hungarian products which meet our quality standards. Our goal is a wide and colourful portfolio which can include an array of products from organic foods to goose liver, sausages, honey, or the products presented in London,” says Zsanett Oláh.

Starting in December, the Áldomás products will appear on Hungarian shelves as well.


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