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Naturalization is the procedure through which foreign-born individuals can acquire United States citizenship. Once a person is granted US citizenship, he gets the right to apply for government jobs, cast vote, apply for resident status, and fly abroad with an American passport that allows entry without visa into a lot of countries.

However, to acquire a US citizenship, one has to fulfill the eligibility criteria. A foreign-born individual can only obtain U.S. naturalization if he meets all the requirements set by the US law in this regard.

Eligibility criteria for obtaining naturalization application

  • The applicant has lived in the United States lawfully for at least five years.

  • The age of the applicant is eighteen years or above.

  • The applicant has a nice moral character.

  • The applicant is good at speaking, reading, and writing English.

  • The applicant has qualified in an examination based on the government and history of the United States.

  • The applicant has taken the oath of fidelity and promised to stay loyal to the United States.

To obtain a United States naturalization certificate, you need to go ahead and hire a Naturalization Attorney and apply for the US naturalization process. However, you need to possess some certain documents that you mandatorily require to produce when applying for naturalization.

Documents required for the United States naturalization process

  • Birth certificate.

  • Marriage certificate (in case you are married to a United States citizen).

  • A copy of the legal document of your permanent residency.

  • Residence and employment history of the last five years.

  • A complete list of tours taken to places outside the United States within the last five years.

  • Two recent passport size photos on a white background.

The process of United States naturalization application

  1. File your naturalization application with the necessary filing charge at the Immigration Service Center of your district.

  2. Once you have applied, you will be given a notice about the date of fingerprint and will have to appear on that date. You need to appear for every interview and meeting scheduled for you by the United States Immigration Service. You require attending an interview for citizenship before the immigration officer. He will check your knowledge about the history and civics of the United States. Upon clearing the test, you will have to appear for an oath taking ceremony.

  3. You will receive a notice for an appointment with a list of attached questions, which should be produced at the oath taking ceremony. This is to make sure that you have maintained your lawful presence as well as proper moral conduct throughout the time gap between the interview and oath taking ceremony. Once you produce the form, you can take the oath. You then have to turn in your I-551 card after which you will be issued your United States naturalization certificate.

Although this entire process seems to be a bit complex, hiring an experienced Naturalization Attorney can ease the hassle involved in gathering the necessary documentation and filing for United States Naturalization.

Benefits of hiring a Naturalization lawyer

Here are how hiring a Naturalization Attorney can benefit you.

  • A good Naturalization lawyer prevents potential mistakes.

Filing the right paperwork is very critical in the entire process of obtaining a United States naturalization certificate. The paperwork is generally complicated, and with no expert help, it is likely for you to make potential mistakes.

  • They have long years of working experience

When you hire a Naturalization Attorney, you get to work with someone who has already done these things so many times before. Hence, you benefit from their knowledge and experience.

  • Naturalization lawyers can help you with regulations and permits

People often miss out on critical aspects that result in the rejection of their naturalization application. Also, obtaining necessary permits can often be time consuming. However, working with professional experts can easily serve your purpose.

  • They can tell you the options available for you

Irrespective of what situation you are in, you still have options. You Naturalization Attorney can help you discover your available options, ensuring you know the complete scope of the situation you are in.

  • They can help in finding government employment

A Naturalization Attorney can even help you in applying for a government job in the United States after you obtain the naturalization certificate.

When heading towards applying for U.S. naturalization, many individuals have a lot of confusion in their minds. They are often unsure about the complexities involved in the various steps of the process and so find it difficult to take necessary decisions. Hiring a Naturalization Attorney can help you walk through the process smoothly and obtain your U.S. naturalization certificate without any hassle and time waste.

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  1. Yes, and after you’ve gone through that process, good luck trying to relinquish your US citizenship without paying a big fee and hiring a laywer. Meaning, your not out of their taxing where ever you are on the planet. If you don’t file your taxes if you leave thereafter. Watch your backs for the IRS!

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