After a six year break, Red Bull Air Race returns to Budapest. The pilots of the world’s fastest motor sport series are going to compete against each other over Danube River this weekend, where Péter Besenyei will compete with his new race plane, reported.

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In 2009, some 650 000 spectators lined up on the banks of the Danube River to breathlessly watch the last Hungarian Red Bull Air Race taking place in Budapest. This year, the organisers of the race expect that some 500 000 spectators will visit the programme.

The only one Hungarian pilot of Red Bull Air Race, Besenyei Péter, who is often nicknamed as “the godfather” of the race series, tested his new Edge 540 race plane on the Hungaroring motor-racing circuit on Monday. According to, it was an impressive spectacle to see the pilot landing on the racetrack.

After the test flight, Péter Besenyei talked about the new race plane and the reasons of change at a press conference held in the main building of Hungaroring. “Over the last two years, I was flying with a plane called Corvus Racer, which has been developed and built by Hungarian engineers. I must say that the Hungarian aeroplane is amazing. It is not only nice, but also great to fly with. We were proud of it,” explained Besenyei. “It is a wonder that it could rival with the American planes at all. Nevertheless, I lost almost one second on each vertical turning manoeuvre, therefore I could not compete for victory, which, of course, has been frustrating. I hope that this negative period has ended with the decision I had made,” he added.

“I received the new plane four days ago, and have tried it five times since then. It is perfect in the tight corners. The cockpit is small, I can hardly fit in, but eventually this is a race plane, which was not designed to serve the pilot’s comfort,” continued Besenyei. “As for the race, it would be unwise to say that we want to win, but our chances have definitely improved. I hope that the new plane will live up to its promise, and that a great number of people will come to see the race. It is always a very good feeling to know that it is me supported by the most,” concluded the Hungarian pilot.

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