Hungary e-sport V4 festival

They come from the V4 countries for the V4 Future Festival, an international e-sport competition, organised by the Association “One Million for the Hungarian E-Sport.” Among the winners, 350 000 EUR will be distributed. 

One might think that computer game competitions cannot be very exciting, everybody can sit down in the warmth of their home and play some games in their free time. However, these players and their duels are

worth to leave your PC.

The V4 Future Sports Festival is a unique initiative of the Central-European region and the number one e-sport championship of the V4 countries. It allows teams of gamers, trainers, managers, and researchers to meet, share experience and present new solutions to each other. But they also welcome hobbyists and people interested in e-sports or technological innovations.

Hungary esport contest V4

The festival’s primary goal is to provide insight for as many people as possible into the world of e-sports. In 2018, almost 16 thousand people watched the contest on the spot while many followed it in social media.

They will play against each other in

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

or in Battle Royale’s most popular game, Fortnite, which has 140 million users.

Not only professionals but also hobbyists will be awarded. Amateurs can try themselves out in games like Tekken7, FIFA, NBA and Gran Turismo – and can win 20,000 EUR altogether.

Hungary v4 gamers

There will be a conference on the issue (registration is obligatory), and new technologies will also be presented in the Gaming Arena. Visitors will be able to learn about the latest hardware and software of the field, they can meet the best gamers of the region, and they can try out the newest games, too.

 Therefore, it will be an inspiring and colourful weekend for all. The whole event is free, but children under 12 can only enter if an adult accompanies them. More details on the official website of the event:

Hungary V4 gamers

We reported HERE about a new Hungarian invention that already started to conquer the world, the Pixxl Cube and guess what, a Hungarian girl among the best e-Sportswomen around the globe. More details HERE.


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