Pixxl Cube Hungarian invention
The Rubik’s cube of our time? Photo: facebook.com/IndieCade/photos

The team of Pirategames behind the Pixxl cube worked on their invention only in their free time but they were able to amuse the whole world with it as Ernő Rubik did with his world-famous Rubik’s cube in the 80s.

It has already been awarded

In fact, Pirategames presented their cube in the IndieCade, a video games exhibition designed for independent developers – index.hu reported. The cube has a real chance to become as successful as its non-electronic counterpart, the Rubik’s cube was in the 1980s. Its prototype was presented last year on the Arcadia exhibition and below you can watch a video on how it works exactly:

The cube has been already awarded, for example, in the Function demo competition last September in Budapest they won the wild category which is the section of those demos that do not fit in any of the original categories. This is how the Pirategames team introduced their invention on the competition then:

In fact, Pixxl Cube is covered with LEDs which actually function as screens while inside there is an energy source enough for 10 hours and a tiny computer on which the software of the cube run. It has a built-in acceleration measurer and a gyroscope so games based on the spatial movement of the cube are a perfect choice to be designed for it. For example,

there is already a maze game

 we can play on the cube in which we can control coloured dots like it is showed in the above video. However, the cube can have other functions, as well.

A free time activity

It can be a decoration, it can display advertisements but it can function as a party prop, as well, producing pulsing effects – Zoltán Leel-Őssy, leader of the Pirategames, the mastermind behind the Pixxl cube and the project’s manager and financer said. “We are currently working to build a microphone and speakers in it” – he added. The hardware was designed by Simon Varró while the programs were written by András Kaptás. In fact, Varró designs drones and automated systems even for the army while Kaptás is a programmer. Interestingly, the main profile of the Pirategames is designing virtual pinball machines. Therefore,

they created the Pixxl Cube in their free time

so it is probably not surprising that it lasted for more than 6 months to build their prototype. After that, they started to improve it.

The prototype has 32×32 LEDs in each side but they already created a smaller cube with 64×64×6 LEDs. “In the prototype, there is a Raspberry Pi computer but we would like to replace it with hardware designed by us. We would like to solve the communication between two cubes and we would like to enable our users to download games and programs on the cube with the help of a mobile app. After that, it depends only on individual creativity how people would like to use it” – Leel-Őssy said. “We would like Pixxl Cube to become not only a game

but a multifunctional device.”

– he added.

Looking for an investor

In fact, they won the pre-selection phase before they were invited to the E3 exhibition which is already a huge success since there are only around 20 independent developers on the gamer expo. “The organizers said that they never saw such high activity on their Twitter-page like when they post something about the cube.” – László Pere, the team’s PR-manager said. There are long queues in front of their booth even after the expo is closed and they already have a lot of interview requests from well-known YouTubers and gamer portals to the BBC and the French public television.

Their final aim is to find an investor and make a product from the cube. Though they did not tell anything specific about the ongoing negotiations they said that

even Deutsche Telekom has shown interest in their invention.

You can check Pixxl Cube next time on June 22 on the Retro E-Sport Competition in the Vault 51 – Gamer Bar in Budapest. HERE you can find the Facebook event.

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Source: index.hu

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