The Hungarian start-up company, V-Chiller, is working on an innovative refrigerating technology by which bottled drinks can be cooled down within a few seconds. The new vacuum cooling technology was chosen as the third best idea on the Eastern & Central European energetic competition, PowerUp in Krakow.

According to the developers, the idea came to their mind by because in our fastened world, there is no way to chill your drink immediately.

As they said – “Today it is natural that we can heat something up within a few seconds; however, what can we do when we would like to cool it down that fast…?!”

As describes, this solution decreases electricity costs by more than 50%, resulting in a more environment-friendly and economical method than the recently used ones. Furthermore, it is entirely independent of greenhouse gases, by which it can become the future’s refrigerating technology.

The aim of the startup company is to achieve that currently used refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners will be replaced by vacuum cooling machines.

The first prototype was already posted on Facebook:

Vacuum cooling system - V-Chiller

V-Chiller is not the only Hungarian company that achieved considerable success at Powerup energetic competition. In 2016, Greenergizer occupied the 3rd place on the ranking list by its electricity consumption decreasing innovation, while in 2017 HeatVentor won the palm for their heat storage solution.

An independent body of the EU supports the event: the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT). Besides receiving a financial reward, winners can join InnoEnergy Highway programme that provides a huge amount of investments to enable the innovative products’ appearance on the market.


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