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The Hungarian invention, teqball, seems to have won over another famous fan – Neymar was spotted warming up with the help of the Hungarian sport. Luckily, the pass exchanges were caught on camera.

Teqball can be played as a singles or as a doubles game, with two or three-four players respectively. According to Origo, the video shows the PSG star paired up with Gabriel Jesus against the team of Filipe Luis and Enderson. The rest of the team is present, too, but they are only observing the game.

The Brazilian national football team is actually a long-time fan of the invention. They regularly use teqball during practice, and they have been featured in videos before doing the Hungarian-inspired sport.

This time, they are preparing for Copa América starting June 14th. Brazil is actually the host of the tournament this year.

As seen in the videos above, teqball is the combination of table tennis and football. The sport helps practice hitting the ball with any body part other than the hands. It was invented in 2014, and a world cup was organised as early as 2017, just three years after the foundation of the sport. The very first world cup was hosted by Budapest, but in 2018, 90 players went to Reims in France to celebrate the sport at the second world cup. Fans of teqball want the sport to be soon included at the Olympic Games, too.

Another big supporter of the sport is Ronaldinho, who became the ambassador of it in 2016.

Source: origo.hu

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