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Football superstar Ronaldinho popularises teqball, a Hungarian invention

Football superstar Ronaldinho popularises teqball, a Hungarian invention writes that Ronaldinho became the ambassador of teqball, a Hungarian invention. The 36-year-old Ballon d’Or winner Brazilian star visited Budapest to popularise teqball, a sport which combines table tennis and football tennis. The inventors hope to conquer the world and make it an Olympic sport. Ronaldinho even sent teqball tables to Messi and Neymar.

“When we thought about which world-class football player, who represents the same technical football on the big pitch we represent with the teqball table, could be our ambassador, we all thought about Ronaldinho” said Gábor Borsányi, one of the inventors of teqball.

Ronaldinho has his own teqball table at home. The 36-year-old Ballon d’Or winner superstar was glad to become the ambassador of this sport, because he sees great potential in it. “I predict a bright future for teqball. My Brazilian friends and I frequently play with it. Anyone who likes playing with a ball will love this game.”

When asked about whether or not the sport could be introduced as an Olympic event at the 2024 Budapest Olympic Games, Ronaldinho funnily answered: “I wish to God that this soon becomes an Olympic sport, because then I might have the chance to become an Olympic champion.”

Teqball is a football based new sport equipment, which practically combines table tennis and football tennis. The table was finalised after long years of mathematic and physical calculations. On a teq match players have to hit the ball every 2-3 seconds, which highly improves ball safety and the first touch of the ball.

The Brazilian football star also expressed how much he wanted to play teqball with his former Barcelona teammate, Lionel Messi and his fellow countryman, Neymar, hence he sent both of them teqball tables as a gift so that they could practice.

Budapest, 2016. október 18. A világbajnok és aranylabdás Ronaldinho brazil válogatott labdarúgó a teqballt bemutató budapesti rendezvényen, az Expo téren 2016. október 18-án. Ronaldinho népszerûsíti majd a világon a magyar találmányt. A teqballt egy hajlított pingpongasztalon játsszák a lábteniszhez hasonlóan, ketten, négyen, vagy speciális szabályok között akár többen is. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

At the press conference, Ronaldinho also said that he thinks that Pelé is the all-time best Brazilian football player and that he wouldn’t list himself among the top players on the imaginary ranking. Then, he demonstrated how the game is played and even went out to an outdoor table, where he was welcomed by hundreds of fans.

Mechanical designer Viktor Huszár said that their aim was to show that less is sometimes more. “This is basically a curved ping pong table; we measured the curve for three years with empirical tests to achieve that the ball bounces in a way that it has an acceleration and that the tool is operable. If you play teqball, you become a better football player.”

Millionaire businessman György Gattyán also supports this sport. “I’ve always found this invention very exciting and I trust in its success. With this Hungarian invention the world wouldn’t only get a new sport equipment, but hopefully a new Olympic sport as well.”

The onetime iconic football player, Tibor Nyilasi, was also present at the press conference on the side of the Hungarian Football Federation. “In the beginning I doubted the success of teqball, but I am now completely convinced of its significance. I encourage everyone to try out this sport. I advise every kid to use this table, because if they want to become great football players, then technical perfection is indispensable. I’ve always said that a good player doesn’t kick the ball, but strokes it and this is what teqball teaches you.”

Photos: MTI


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