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The best Hungarian nature photos of 2016

The best Hungarian nature photos of 2016

Knowing nature and patiently waiting for the perfect moment is not enough for the greatest nature photos, you also need abstract thinking, creative ideas and serious technical knowledge. According to, this year was the 26th time that naturArt awarded the best Hungarian photographers. More than 3000 photos were entered in the annual application of the Hungarian Nature Photographers’ Federation.

The number of competing photos were reduced to 125 in the last rounds, out of which Csaba Daróczi and Dániel Selmeczi shared the main prize. They are both regular finalists in Hungarian and international nature photography competitions. Imre Potyó, whose work was highlighted at the application of the British Natural History Museum, won special acknowledgement.

The best photos of the Saubermacher – The Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 competition can be seen in the Hungarian Natural History Museum.


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