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It is said that Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages to learn. However, we have collected a range of online resources that can help you along the way.



With over 300 million registered users, Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform in the world. It is available on both desktop and mobile devices and offers Hungarian for English speakers. It is a quick way to immerse yourself in the language as each lesson takes only 2 to 5 minutes to complete. The application has a range of features beyond the lessons; users can also download the accompanying app called ‘Tinycards’, which focuses on teaching vocabulary.

Duolingo tries to make lessons more fun and competitive by creating leagues where users can top leader boards by participating in more and more lessons. Even though you need other resources to be conversational, Duolingo is a great way to reach A2-B1 level and learn a lot of vocabulary.



This is also a great resource for beginners.  Learners can create a free account and access over 300 videos. While this will also only get you to a beginner-intermediate level, you can listen to it on a long commute and hear how Hungarian words and phrases are pronounced by a native Hungarian speaker. By immersing yourself with this method and repeating sentences after the tutor, learners are able to grasp the basics of conversation.


HelloTalk and Tandem

These two apps available on Apple and Android devices allow users to connect with language learners across the planet. For example, if you want to learn Hungarian, you will be connected with a Hungarian speaker who wants to learn your native language.

Both applications allow messaging and video calls. This is a great way to improve your speaking and writing skills if you do not interact with Hungarians on a day-to-day basis. This is also an effective way to reach a conversational level.



Italki connects language learners with tutors, meaning you can have a personal teacher via one-to-one video calls. If you are someone who best learns languages by a tutor explaining grammatical concepts in person, this is the method for you. Prices for tutors range between $20-$25 per hour.


Watch Hungarian television and read Hungarian news

Finally, the best way to improve your Hungarian after you pick up the basics is just by living Hungarian. Watch the news, read newspapers and children’s books to fully immerse yourself in the language. Listen to Hungarian music to try to decipher what songs are about. At first, you will struggle, but with time and patience, you will realise that you understand more and more.


Language learning should not be a chore; it should be a fun journey where one learns about a given culture and a group of people’s perception of the world.


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