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Konyakozó Pub & Pizzeria (Photo: www.facebook.com/Konyakozó-pub-és-pizzéria)

In my years as a broke student I have tried to master the art of good food that does not break the bank and is fulfilling enough. These are budget restaurants in the downtown area that serve good food for under 2000 Forints or 6 Euros.


black cab burger

This Burger joint right next to Urania Mozi serves freshly grilled burgers at reasonable prices. The good thing about the place is you can either pick something from the pre-existing menu or have your own customized burger. Plus the fries are pretty good.

Open till: 23:00

Seating: Inside and Outside



The dot in the name after Pasta is very important. This Pasta place right across from the 47/49 tram station at Kalvin Ter serves some of the best in town for cheap. The menu always consists of 4 kinds of pasta and it changes every day but every pasta on that board is worth eating. Just always ask for extra sauce if you don’t like your pasta too dry.

Open till: 21:00

Seating: Only outside

Lake Balaton view
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local korner

Local Korner is a pizza place near Astoria. It’s in a secluded corner and has the potential to be a student hangout place with graffiti covered walls and 20% discount to students. The food again is customizable but also offers an array of choices.

Open till: 22:00

Seating: Only Inside


In the mood for some Asian food? Olive is the place to be. They serve Chinese food in a buffet like fashion. The good thing about Olive though is that despite being in a prime location in the city center, surrounded by restaurants they are extremely cheap with good portion sizes. They might be the cheapest on the list

Open till: 22:00

Seating: Only Inside



Usually at Akvarium near Deak Ference Ter but these days at Kazinczy Street, Digo’s Pizza serves some of the best charcoal oven pizza and for cheap. They have other options like calzone pockets but their pizzas are an absolute treat. Digo’s is the place to be during the spring and summer months with a cool beverage which they serve and an amazing, fresh made pizza.

Open till: Midnight

Seating: Outside and Inside

These restaurants are my guide to getting through Budapest on a budget and enjoying a part of what the city has to offer. These places do not offer the authentic Hungarian food that Budapest has to offer but if you’re ever in the city and looking for a cheap place to hangout and enjoy a hefty meal these are the top choices.

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