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According to, regular sport activity doesn’t only lead you to a healthier lifestyle, but it can also lead you to financial safety. Because, if an athlete is outstandingly great in a certain sport, he/she can lay the foundations of his/her entire life. Blikk put together the list of top waged Hungarian sportspeople, which is – no surprise – led by football players.

The best paid Hungarian athlete is Balázs Dzsudzsák (29), whose change of club in the summer was a step back professionally, but quite profitable financially. He went from the Turkish Bursaspor to the top-notch al-Vahda in the United Arab Emirates. According to local information, he gets 3.3 million euros/year. This sum is 345 times more than the average salary of a Hungarian (gross 2.9 million forints/year).


Dzsudzsák is followed by two other football players on the list: Ádám Szalai (28) and Krisztián Németh (27). The former gets 618 million forints/year at Hoffenheim, while the latter is paid 424.5 million every season at al-Garafa.

Riga, 2016. október 10. Vida Máté, Szalai Ádám és Dzsudzsák Balázs (b-j) ünnepli a csapat gyõzelmét a 2018-as oroszországi labdarúgó-világbajnokság selejtezõjének B csoportjában játszott Lettország - Magyarország mérkõzés végén a rigai Skonto Stadionban 2016. október 10-én. A magyar válogatott 2-0-ra gyõzött. MTI Fotó: Kollányi Péter

“Football is the most popular sport in Hungary, it is played by the most people. It is the sport where players have the best chances to break into the international elite. Compared to former lists, the economically strong tennis also has a permanent representative now” said Gábor Szabados.

Our Olympic champion and World Champion icons are the representatives of sports like kayak-canoe, pentathlon, water polo and swimming, which don’t have a stable economic background yet. An exception is Katinka Hosszú, who significantly increased her income with her constant successes in the World Cup series.

katinka hosszú

Besides football players, we can find swimmer Katinka Hosszú (27), tennis player Tímea Babos (23) and handball player László Nagy (35) on the list.

The top 10 best waged Hungarian sportspeople in 2016:

  1. Balázs Dzsudzsák (football player, al-Vahda) – 1 billion forint
  2. Ádám Szalai (football player, Hoffenheim) – 618 million forints
  3. Krisztián Németh (football player, al-Garafa) – 424.5 million forints
  4. Szabolcs Huszti (football player, Frankfurt) – 401.7 million forints
  5. Ádám Bogdán (football player, Wigan) – 355 million forints
  6. Tímea Babos (tennis player) – 339.6 million forints
  7. Katinka Hosszú (swimmer) – 244.3 million forints
  8. László Nagy (handball player, Telekom Veszprém) – 231.7 million forints
  9. Norbert Balogh (football player, Palermo) – 216.3 million forints
  10. Ádám Nagy (football player, Bologna) – 154 million forints

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