Because of the second generation of the invading species, the number of insects swarming into homes can skyrocket.

In the first days of autumn, almost every family has to deal with dozens or even hundreds of brown marmorated stink bugs in Hungary, reported. This is a species that arrived in Hungary only a few years ago, and apart from the fact that they are very disturbing for everybody,

they can cause unbelievable damages in agriculture.

According to the calculations of, Hungary still has one month until the invasion of stink bugs begins, but certain signs are foretelling that this year’s swarm will be bigger than ever before.

Before, it was an important task to map the proliferation of the bugs, but today, that is not necessary anymore because, between 2016 and 2018, it became apparent that the species is present everywhere in the country. Therefore, the scientific work concentrates on protection, said Dr Gábor Vétek, associate professor of the Department of Entomology, Faculty of Horticultural Science of the Szent István University. 

There are some swarming centres, for example, in Budapest, Debrecen, Győr, Pécs, or Szolnok, where the number of bugs is very high, but they are almost everywhere in the country. There are places where one can

collect a handful of them in only a couple of minutes.

In general, the bugs can multiply in warm places quicker. Thus, Hungary is good territory for them because the climate is becoming warmer.

According to the expert, previous assumptions saying that stink bugs are a two-generation species, meaning that they can lay eggs twice every year, can be right. During winter, they survive in imago state in a non-freezing place, and around April, when plants start to grow, they appear outdoors. Then they multiply, and the females lay their eggs from which new insects are born that develop with incomplete metamorphosis. 

Imagos can be distinguished from other states by the fact that they can fly and multiply, which is a very quick process. So, by midsummer, their new generation can already lay eggs. This is why there are so many stink bugs. As a result, a population living in a territory can increase significantly, even in only a year. concludes that this is why Hungarian scientists are constantly searching for new methods of protection and clearing.

The stink bug invasion was unbearable last year as well. We reported about it HERE, and we also collected everything you need to know about these unwelcome houseguests.

Featured photo by Jared Belson


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