The majority of black storks arrive in Hungary’s largest nature reserve, the Gemenc national park, the second half of March.

Experts of the Gemenc Plc. however, spotted a black stork in the Gemenec forest Monday morning; this particular bird received an aluminum ring in 1999 and has arrived earlier than expected.

Experts installed a webcam near the stork’s nest, which is continuously monitoring the bird in order to keep track of its activities.

feketegolya2Most of the black storks nest at the mouth of the Sio channel and near the southern border area protected forests between early spring to late autumn.

The main food of black storks include small fish, frogs and insects. The first chicks usually born at the beginning of May. The fledging can begin as early as mid-July, but more likely in August. The black storks have two main migration routes – through the Strait of Gibraltar, and Bosporus.

The first white stork arrived in Hungary early last week. Two years ago, a white stork came to a sad end over Egypt. The bird had a radio transmitter attacked to its leg and it was accused of spying; later, the bird was released from captivity but it was recaptures and ended up in a cooking pot.

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