Hableány tragedy
Photo: MTI/Szigetváry Zsolt

New evidence emerges that the captain of the apparent at-fault ship was taking selfies with passengers whilst they collided with tourist boat Hableány, causing at least 33 deaths. 

Index has released new information regarding the tragedy of tourist boat Hableány on the 29th of May. According to newspaper sources, the Budapest Police Force has launched an investigation about a possible failure to provide first aid to victims. Later, this piece of information has been refuted by the police, who were adamant that 

currently, there is only a single type of investigation going on against the Ukrainian captain of the ship Viking Sigyn, namely, “investigation into potential crimes based on reasonable evidence.”

It is known that the captain of Sigyn deleted data from his phone after he was detained; quite a strange thing to do. Perhaps this explains his actions? Other sources, who asked to remain anonymous, said

that the Viking Sigyn kept on going after the accident, went back for a few minutes, then left for good.

This raises questions regarding the ship’s responsibility in the help (or lack thereof) they offered to the victims. 

The sightseeing boat called Hableány sunk after a collision with Viking Sigyn on the river Danube, in front of the Parliament in Budapest. The boat had mostly South Korean passengers on it and resulted in more than 33 deaths. The Ukrainian captain of Sigyn was detained but has since been released on bail.








Source: index.hu

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