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EU Member States are gradually easing restrictions on their borders, but the conditions and dates may be different for each country.

In the FIRST PART, we have discussed guidelines and restrictions that are currently in place in eight countries. Based on The Guardian’s article, we aim to complement the list with nine more countries to provide a more comprehensive picture of border openings.


From June 1, international tourists can enter the country through the land borders without any quarantine requirements. However, sea and air travel are currently suspended, so Wizzair does not operate any flights between Budapest and Tirana.


Belgium has decided to open its borders to citizens from the Schengen Area and the European Union, including the United Kingdom, on June 15. Until then, foreigners can only enter the country for essential purposes; for example, going to work or visiting an immediate family member. Some indirect flights are currently operating with the United Kingdom for essential travel.


Bulgarian authorities lifted the entry ban for European Union and Schengen Area countries on May 22. According to the Health Ministry’s statement, members of the families of Bulgarian citizens are not required to go through the 14-day mandatory quarantine if they stay in Bulgaria for a week or less. From June 1, citizens of the EU and Schengen Member States, including the United Kingdom, Serbia, and North Macedonia, can enter the country without any quarantine obligation.


Cyprus will begin to open its borders to European tourists from June 9. Countries will be divided into two categories based on epidemiological data, and restrictions will be imposed accordingly. Category ‘A’ countries (Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, and Lithuania) will face no restrictions. Category ‘B’ countries (Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Croatia, and Estonia) will have to provide a medical certificate confirming a negative coronavirus test upon entering.

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Finland reopened its borders for foreign workers from the Schengen zone on May 14, but no date has been announced for borders reopening for non-essential travel by international tourists.


French borders are due to reopen to tourists from EU and Schengen countries on June 15. The border control with Luxembourg ended on May 15, but border checks will remain in place until June 15 with France, Austria, and Switzerland. Currently, visitors arriving from countries that have imposed quarantine measures are required to self-isolate for 14 days. Other arrivals must provide a medical certificate confirming a negative coronavirus test.


Entry is allowed from the Schengen Area, EU Member States, Portuguese-speaking countries, and the United Kingdom, with the exception of Italy and Spain. Passengers must undergo body temperature measurement at the airport, but there are no quarantine requirements.


From July, Spanish borders will open gradually to international tourists: land borders with France and Portugal are announced to open on June 22. Domestic travel will be permitted from the same date on. A limited number of flights are operating for essential travel.

United Kingdom

The UK borders are open, but visitors travelling to the country on or after 8 June must self-isolate for 14 days, with the exception of people arriving from Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

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