The Gemenc – Wild Danube nature film was filmed for four years to present the amazing flora and fauna of Central Europe’s biggest floodplain forest. The black storks and other curiosities of the region are the stars of the movie. Get an insight into the life of Gemenc through unique and dramatic shots 🙂 reports that, after four years of taking photos at Gemenc, the creators decided to shoot a movie, because they managed to collect many-many beautiful memories and experiences. So, after a year of preparation and the obtaining the necessary permissions, they started shooting in the April of 2012 and finished in the autumn of 2016.

The official trailer gives and insight into the movie, which airs in Hungarian cinemas on the 18th of May, 2017. The Gemenc – Wild Danube film takes you to the amazing landscape, forests of the region, and introduces the life of black storks, the fight of red deer, wild-boars swimming in the flood, the incredible world of the birds and the shy golden jackal.

Gemenc is the biggest floodplain forest of Central Europe, where the landscape is constantly shaped by water. The Danube determines the everyday life of the flora and fauna: it nurtures, protects, threatens, builds and destroys at the same time. The meeting of the forest and the river offers an excellent habitat for its residents: herds of deer and wild-boars, eagles, jackals, beavers, kingfishers and one of the biggest black stork populations.

The film was made with special consideration and techniques, including hidden cameras, underwater and aerial cameras. The movie recommended by WWF gives you an insight into the life of the local flora and fauna through unique shots, like the nesting of the black stork and the way it cares for the nestlings, or dramatic shots captured during the great flood of 2013.

Besides the presentation of the flora and fauna of Gemenc, the movie lays big emphasis on the portrayal of the floodplain forest’s special atmosphere with shots captured at dawn and many aerial shots, while the eternal melodies of Strauss, Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Mahler and Bartók are playing in the background.


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Gemenc – Wild Danube (Árterek világa)

Director: Frigyes Olma
Scriptwriter: Frigyes Olma
Cameramen: Balázs Barkuti, Frigyes Olma, György Utassy
Editor: István Kálmán
Text: Ádám Farkas
Narrator: Péter Tarján
Music: Sonoton Records, Béla Bartók
Sound-engineer: István Kálmán
Producer: Frigyes Olma

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